Attract Everybody's Attention by Giving Them a Glance with Himalaya Green Colored Contact Lenses! And yes, we know it can be hard to wait - you already had to wait that whole time between clicking Submit and finding the box in your mailbox.But, your patience will pay off in spades. Well, particularly when working at avoiding illness, this becomes absolutely critical! In general, the higher the water content, the more moist your eye will feel when wearing them and the more comfortable your eyes will be.

One popular option is Absolutely! Browse through our customers feedback, it helps alot in your purchasing decision-making!Tag us on instagram with hashtag #honeycolor for a chance to be featuredSubscribe to stay informed about the latest sales and product launches. Have your eyes examined regularly and always follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper use and care of your contact lenses.

Please enter your email address below to receive a password reset link. Honeycolor offers best quality Colored Contacts, Color Contact Lenses, Prescription Cosplay Contacts, Halloween Contacts, Circle Lens, Circle Lenses. Worldwide shipping! And EyeCandy’s offers contact lenses with UV protection properties built in. 0.00 ~ -8.00 That’s because allergens have a special attraction to contacts – especially the soft variety, which most contact lens wearers use. You’ll want to order one pair or box in each prescription strength. If you could use a little extra time and a bit lower maintenance routine, daily lenses may be your answer.We offer lenses built from a variety of materials. But, the UV barrier of our lenses can certainly help to prevent sun damage. EyeCandy’s makes it easy to browse lenses by the effect you most desire!One aspect of colored contact design is the printed area of the lens itself.

We want you to have the most fun and experience the best comfort and quality. But, thanks to advanced technology, those are shades you can choose to explore temporarily with colored contact lenses! Usually, this comes in the form of mild discomfort.

You may hear stories of people having difficulty with their colored contacts lenses. Crazy Eyes; Perfection; Colorways; Fresherlook; Extreme; Blends; Color Attraction; Colortones; Eclipse; Enhance; View All; Info Color 2 Eyes LLP Customer Service PO Box 1356 Blackpool, LA FY1 9LY United States Call us at (044) 147-235-8286 Subscribe to our newsletter. Again, this is a case where your patience will really pay off!Try not to get frustrated if you can’t get the hang of the process straight away. These are a more hygenic option as they are only inserted and removed once and do not require cleaning. As the saying goes, why blend in when you were born to stand out?! 168 texaco road, tsuen wan new territories, HK 999077 (Logistics warehouse) Phone: 1 (209) 360-0296 Hours: 7 Days a week from 10 am to 6 pm E-mail:

And, honestly, it doesn’t look like remote work and technology-fueled collaboration are going anywhere - at least not anytime soon.If your work day has suddenly gone digital and you’re spending lots of time in video chat, we recommend going for a bright lens that will really stand out both in and off camera.

If you become frustrated, do not hesitate to take a break and come back to the venture.Yeah you do!

Curious about what all those numbers on your prescription mean? Again, if you require a prescription that is different in each eye, you’ll want to order two pairs if they are sold in pairs. UV damage isn’t only an issue in the summer. In overall savings, this is typically your best bet. We promise! **FREE Standard Shipping applies to US, Canada, Germany, UK, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Russia orders only, on orders US$50+. Blue, gray, honey, brown, and green contact lenses are all-time favourite colors. These lenses were my first order from HoneyColor and I couldn't be happier. The service is offered by Opternative and costs $40 USD. I absolutely love these contacts. For example, if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, contacts may not be for you.

HoneyColor has over 500 different styles of colored contacts at discount price.

Limit to one promotional offer or discount code per order. The contact lenses themselves may have been low quality or expired.

This can not only keep your eyes moist and more comfortable, but also wash away allergens from your eyes as well as your colored contact lenses. Other rare eye colors, such as violet and pink, occur occasionally in nature, but only among those born with albinism. In a recent survey, it was found that blue was considered the most attractive eye color by both men and women. 0.00 ~ -8.00

And one you won’t soon forget! Choose from 500+ color contact lenses available in multiple tones, patterns, diameters and brightness levels ranging from natural to exotic. Johnson J. So, if protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays is a priority, take a look at our 20/20 vision, but still want to customize your eyes with colored contact lenses? There are also a number of other options for keeping your eyes hydrated. With EyeCandy’s, changing it up is just as easy as popping in a new pair of earrings or throwing on a scarf as you head out the door. Ensure you know all the tips and tricks before you get started with a pair of colored contact lenses.