However, he does not have the same reputation for trouble-making as Fritz and Matthew. Which I did, currently semi looking for him in sasau so I can give him his father’s ring so it’s not in my inventory, if that is indeed what you do. Surely it's the guards coming to arrest me, but not if I have anything to say about it - I can't bring this kind of shame to Sir Radzig! I dive for the window, but I press 'X' a little bit too early, and the animations are horrendous. I took it during pestilence and did not get a marker for his son, just the priest.

He asks Henry for a favour - although you are not required to accept.

During Pestilence, Henry should talk to Vincent to ask him about his symptoms. They'll never catch me! So I'm having trouble with this quest and I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. I knew I should have leveled my pickpocketing skill with Miller Peshek, but I fucked his daughter instead, and I definitely...well, no, I don't regret it. The son is at that tavern in Sasau (the one that isn't an inn and is near the pillory) there from evening to very early morning I believe, and I don't think his son has the name Elijah on his NPC. I haven't sold the ring just in case, but since it's not specially marked I'm sure it has no significance but I could be wrong. I stare hopelessly into Elijah's eyes, doing my best to convey a wordless apology. You're welcome!Did you take this quest during ‘pestilence’ or stumble on it earlier? I've been caught red-handed in the act of looting a murdered corpse. Even worse, the corpse is that of his father. The walkthrough below has information on how to stop the plague and how to cure all the sick in Merhojed. Vincent tells him that he and his wife have a fever, diarrhea, and spent the previous day ranting and delusional. I quickly yanked my hand out of Vincent's pocket (no homo), but it was too late. Holy shit. The guards investigate the murder, coming within inches of the culprit, but Henry expertly blends in with the surroundings, and the guards are none the wiser. I heard running footsteps in the Merjohed soil. I'm sorry I killed your father, I really am, but he had it coming. Right now I'm on the "All that Glisters" questline. So definitely rank your stealth skill to at least 18, otherwise this quest will be bugged forever. Upon finding his father murdered, and his corpse being looted, Elijah says,Then the quest will complete. The ring is to give to the priest actually, to show it's him, though I don't think the priest took it when I talked to him the first time I did the quest that way. He died instantly, either because Henry is OP in combat, or the plague weakened him, but probably it's the OP in combat thing. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This step overlaps with the next step for main quest Questions and Answers. I've tried to go back and check on Vincent to see if he and his son had reconciled before taking the Will & Testament to the priest in Sasau. Shit. © Valve Corporation. Finally, the silence is broken, and Elijah speaks something profound. An option should show up asking for Elijah.

I quickly wielded my Ravens Beak and smashed Vincent's fucking face. I sat at the dice table facing everyone drinking, wait 1 hour and a villager should show up with grey clothes. I had taken the "Last Will & Testament" side quest and found Vincent's son in Sasau, sending him back to talk to reconcile with his father. Vincent will still be sitting on the bench, sick with plague, the poor fool. I killed Elijah's dad. I hit my head on the ceiling. Talk to the local bailiff Melichar again. Right now I'm on the "All that Glisters" questline. There are no new logs in the quest info at any point and if you aren't paying attention to the dialogue, you can easily not talk to his son and just go ahead to the marker.Don't know if anyone has found a way to fix this bug yet, but I think I figured it out, see below:I took this quest during Pestilence as well. Here's a copy of the post I left on the kingdom come forums: This quest is seriously broken. This will surely bring shame to my family for generations. Talked to the Inn Keeper, who directed me to Elijah (sitting at one of the outdoor tables of the Tavern, wearing grey clothes). Or maybe I'm a troll, it's one or the other.