The last one claimed 27 lives.

The standing joke after the Lower Circular Road flyover was built was that you could drive on it and lean through the classroom windows of my school La Martiniere and pick up a pencil from a student’s desk. From decorations to a grand reception to distributing invitation cards, Gulab was micro-managing everything: just three weeks later, his son Vikas was getting married.Rescue officials said on Friday that there are no more survivors trapped under the rubble of a flyover that collapsed killing at least 25 people, as police detained five construction company officials over the accident.In the aftermath of the Vivekananda Road flyover collapse, Kolkata traffic police has also stopped movement of trucks in the city between 6am and 11pm.This is the chorus raised by engineering experts and construction companies, pointing out that even if such work is executed in bits and pieces, the project must be provided enough space and freed of clutter -like vehicles, shanties, and people-below, especially at the time concrete is poured and girders are placed.Chief minister Mamata Banerjee had tried to fast-forward the flyover. Till seven hours later, no one could say whether a minibus—or two—was stuck underneath the debris.If this is the state of rescue operations in a metropolitan city of India, God help the rest of India. Construction of flyovers and bridges and roads has always looked dodgyA massive flyover collapses on a crowded street, pinning under it auto rickshaws, minibuses, pedestrians, traffic constables. I hope rescue &relief ops reach those trapped and injured at the earliest — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) March 31, 2016 But I suppose that’s expecting too much. There was no estimation of the number of vehicles or people under the collapsed flyover. Locking him up and throwing away the key may help show him what divine intervention is. The bottom line is that there is nothing to really find solace in this situation. More than one year since the Kolkata flyover collapse that killed 26, the criminal trial has not begun. These are minor aesthetic details in the world of Kolkata’s flyovers, which take years to construct. But Times Now was also the only TV channel that didn’t cut to a cricket special, when every other news channel shifted to cricket programming. Kolkata Flyover Collapse Report Forwarded To Mamata Banerjee.

Intra-day, it tumbled 11.11 per cent to Rs 5.68 -- its 52-week low. The chief minister knows this very well and that is why she is trying to hush up the matterRefrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. You must login to keep earning daily check-in points* TimesPoints expire in 1 year from the day of creditThe contract for building this flyover was given to a blacklisted company by CPM in 2009 and Congress is in alliance with CPM for the upcoming assembly elections in West Bengal.Sixteen-year-old Akhilesh Yadav and 45-day-old Sultan Sheikh was on their maiden visit to the city.
Kolkata police sets up a 23-member Special Investigation Team to probe the flyover collapse 10:21 PM (IST) Three officials among the 10 held earlier on the day for interrogation arrested And we should simply take solace from the fact that there was a certain objectivity to reporting on disasters and interviewing victims of these calamities, which we haven’t seen in some time. Yet, CMDA neither carried out checks nor monitored progress.Residents had complained about the flyover being too close to their homes.

Photo: AP Kolkata flyover collapse: A disaster that was waiting to happen 6 min read.
And a busy man too. The other silver lining—despite my cynicism—is to see the chief minister cancelling her political engagements and rushing to the disaster site. Lack of proper planning, delays, lacunae in design and bad tendering may have triggered the collapse on Thursday of a 100-metre section of an under-construction flyover, leaving at least 14 dead and many injured, said engineering experts. That is till Newshour, when hell hath no fury like Arnab Goswami.

Much like, should they carry on with their pre-scheduled sports or entertainment programming? Five others were detained, the firm's Kolkata office sealed, and a notice was sent to its CMD to join the probe in 48 hours.Like every day, Gulab Chand Mali was selling paraphernalia in his small paan shop near Posta Kali temple on Thursday morning, a happy man.