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43. May 7, 2020 - Kotoko Utsugi (Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen) - Pictures - MyAnimeList.net I mean, come on, really? I can understand that "Kotoko is so broken that she will even try to make all 'cute' things like her" so I think the "tickling" mini-game could be kept, just not in mini-game form. Character Discussion #41 - Kotoko Utsugi (All Spoilers) Close.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. They make fun of murder all the time with Genocider, but we're not meant to take her seriously. And Kotoko uses this talent throughout her entire life to create a facade of this cruel yet cheerful person who hates all adults with a passion.
The fanservice didn't bother me too much, though it was played for laughs more than it should have been.Another Episode can't come out on PC soon enough. Appearances: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 3 Future ArcPart of the Warriors of Hope hunting down Komaru Naegi as part of a gameCaptures Komaru until she is rescued by Genocider JackRealizes Monaca's deceit and is no longer allies with herDiscuss anything pertaining the Li'l Ultimate Drama, Kotoko Utsugi!Oh boy, yet another unpopular opinion time. If you use any of my sprites in an aesthetic or any other kind of edit you can just remove it as long as you give credit elsewhere I don’t mind! I made a sprite edit design of Kotoko Utsugi in @ministarfruit‘s mmo au, which i absolutely love by the way! Turning people into Shuichi day #22 - Chiaki Nanami. I even know that they're perfectly capable of getting it across, but she felt like an excuse for them to get away with fanservice more than them using said fanservice more productively.With the other warriors of hope, we don't have a really Jarring mini game, and I feel Kotoko's character is quite promising, but gets shot in the foot several times with both that and several joke scenes later like all the constant upskirts and panty shots.I can live with black comedy, because being perfectly honest I can get a laugh out of it.

Reblog ♥ ~ Anon Requested: “ Can I request a moodboard with themes of happiness and recovery with mikan, kaede and kotoko? It's NOT intended to be appealing for Western views, but to be appealing to Japanese eyes. I think a lot of people actually forget that she's the 'Lil' Ultimate Drama', and is in general an excellent actress. And if not, Hina is a good model for fan service without pointless background stories.I'm guessing with the design of the WoHs and especially Kotoko it'd be questionable even in Japan so they felt there was a need to pretend there was something more than fan service going on, but I don't think it's fooling anyone.kinda problematic, like she wasn't really what she was meant to be. i designed her as a grenadier class since i thought it’d be super cool and she’d suit it well! However, if you're going to do that and also have a tinge of seriousness in it, you have to take the theme of what you're trying to get across seriously as well.

Hope you like it! But the way they went with her character development about child rape was HUGELY disturbing.... like they really wanted the remaining survivor to have the most fucked up history.I agree with you on all your points. Actually, don't, even the thought of that disgusts me to the very core.And while this backstory definitely makes Kotoko interesting, what really makes her shine is the synergy between this backstory and her talent. However, that works even more against her character. ❤️Ultimate Hope Sayaka Maizono sprite edit for anon! A warning, if anything.