Over this, he wears a long, dark blue hooded jacket with darker blue stripes on the sleeves' end and on the hem. Watch. View Badges!

Kuroh was the only survivor, and had to go to the hospital, where he actually died twice, only to be brought back to life by the hospital. Tier: 9-B. Kuroh waits patiently as Yashiro cooks but grows tireless when the latter proves incapable of actually cooking. He is told that Yashiro has an ill sister that is currently in the hospital, and that should he die, she'd be left without a family.

Jan 29, 2014 - View and download this 600x800 Yatogami Kuroh image with 112 favorites, or browse the gallery. Below, Kuroh wears black pants and white shoes. It is then that Kuroh admits that Yashiro could not have killed Totsuka.He returns to one of the school's classrooms where he helps motivate other students into working harder for the festival.After the three have eaten, they head to a store in the city. After some reluctance, she obliges, and Yashiro manages to remember a particular memory of being kicked off a blimp.That following morning, Kuroh and the other two head back to the bridge that connects to Kuroh later approaches a Blue Clansman several hours later. Kuroh, with Neko, notice some trouble near them. It's detailed he spent over two weeks in the hospital, and only cried when he was alone and not in the presence of others.Once he recovered, Kuroh was adopted by his aunt and uncle, but a year later a fire broke out, and his aunt and uncle succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.Following this, Kuroh faced discrimination against the rest of his family, who had deemed him an Angel of Death, despite knowing full well he is not the cause of the deaths in the family. Isana Yashiro and Yatogami Kuroh. *gasps* Is he ACTUALLY worried for Shiro?K Project - Neko and Yatogami Kurou art by Ishiwari (Sankaku Channel)Tags: Isana Yashiro, K Project, Yatogami Kuroh, Yuuri (AR. All time) 474 Fav. Kuroh catches him with his ability and suspends him in the air. K Project. He elaborates more on the seven Kings that rule Japan and how they, specifically the Golden King, are able to do so. Jul 1, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Sade Chan. Welcome to the first and only fanclub dedicated to the Black Hound from K-Project. Afterwards, Kuroh notices a cat-transformed Kuroh draws out his sword after Yashiro makes a comment.During the lunch break, Kuroh eats with Yashiro and Neko in the school's cafeteria. Subsequently, Kukuri suddenly reveals that while she did not see Yashiro during production for the festival, she did see him an hour later in the school gymnasium. However, this outfit is temporary, and he soon returns to his original apparel. One day, they spotted Anna and Rikio being chased by someone. He is very determined to accomplish his goals, whatever they may be, but despite so Kuroh is willing to set them aside for the finer things in life, such as genuine companionship. Kuroh is also quite modest when around indecently-dressed or nude women (such as the case with When he was five, Kuroh lived with his family, consisting of his parents, an older brother and sister, and his grandfather. However, he begins to doubt that she is a Clansmen. He is asked whether he would still like to kill him. By then, they have been left completely exhausted.The three people, including Kuroh, are left hungered. Kuroh finishes the rest of his explanation by detailing further about the Red Clan, Kuroh agrees to evaluate Yashiro's own innocence for himself.Kuroh, Yashiro and Neko give their thanks for the food before Kuroh steps up to kill Yashiro.