Fanboy's decisions often get him and the people around him into trouble. As the series goes, Kyle's relationship with Fanboy and Chum Chum sparks and gets larger, and gets mad and yells at them less. He is an enthusiastic fan of comic books, fantasy, science fiction and action figures.

Kyle sometimes has his attention turned away from him when Hank starts to not listen to him. There, he made friends including Kyle was expelled from his wizarding school, Milkweed Academy, for turning his teacher Kyle is smart but seems to be bossy sometimes. The dinosaur they met, though, decided to be their buddy, leaving Fanboy to tell Kyle he was right that the Buddy System could save his life. Fanboy has a big friendship lock on Kyle, and treats him like a best friend, while Kyle is extreamly annoyed by this. He is known to be smart most of the time, and studies for most of the time. Fanboy trying to convince Kyle to come on the field trip to the Dinosaur Museum.This started the day Kyle first met him. He also takes diagnoses for Kyle when he's sick. „ ~ Kyle the Conjurer.

He is voiced by David H… Even though Kyle actually has powers that include levitation (which Kyle demonstrates for them), Fanboy and Chum Chum used to assume that Kyle is pretending, and did not believe he and Chum Chum, and insults them often. The sleeves reach down to the middle of his forearms, and at the neck is a yellow turnover collar. Trick is the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon series Fanboy and Chum Chum, in the Halloween special "There Will Be Shrieks." He has red hair and very large front teeth and wears braces and he speaks in a British accent.When he's at a formal event, Kyle wears a black formal suit with white turnover collar, white belt with gold buckle, red bowtie, white cuffs with golden cufflinks, and black boots. Despite being a Conjurer, he can use also Sorcery and Mysticism. He also is a great musician, and knows how to play every instrument. He now has to attend normal public school like the other kids. Fanboy was the first to talk to Kyle, and the first to believe he's claiming to be a wizard. When Fanboy snapped out later on, he heard Kyle say "HELP!" He is an enthusiastic fan of comic books, action figures, fantasy, and science fiction. After Kyle accidentally de-levitates into Lupe's lunch, he gets punched and challenges Fanboy to a wizard-off. Kyle's appearance changed as he grew older. They have fun with the dinosaur, but the cliff breaks and they crash the school bus. As Kyle's longtime rival since Milkweed Academy, Sigmund seems to be always showing Kyle up. Even though he is annoyed, he listens to Kyle a lot and even helps Kyle out. The first episode to show that matter was "Kyle is smart, free-spirited, and sometimes bossy. The aura he illuminates has glowed in four colors so far, amber, light rose, blue-gray and emerald, with light rose being the most common. More recently, Kyle tries to get re-admitted to Milkweed Academy, and although he never seems to be able to do this, he soon realizes he has real friends, and Galaxy Hills is a true home to him. He is known to be smart most of the time, and studies a lot. Even though he has powers that include levitation, Fanboy and Chum Chum used to assume that Kyle was pretending, and did not believe he had real powers. Kyle resorted to revenge and conjured a magic eraser that literally erases anything. Kyle also has a big mind, and knows the name of every person he meets. He usually carries a bronze colored stick-like magic wand when spell casting. He also is a great musician, and knows how to play every instrument. Hence his wizard type, Conjurer, Kyle is known for producing various objects and weapons. through the walkie talkie and met up with him with Chum Chum in tow. He also wears dark grayish-blue pencil thin jeans, and dark red high top sneakers, along with a silky black cape that reaches down to the middle of his shins. He later watches Fanboy pretending to be a wizard, and is completely unimpressed by his "magic". But right in the middle of the challenge, Fanboy causes Chum Chum to faint, and during a hilarious "sticky" reviving situation, Kyle decides to use his power to char Fanboy along with Chum Chum stuck to him. Necronomicon is a loyal helper. Mostly, he ignores Kyle to focus on other things, like conga dancing and bathing.

He now attends Galaxy Hills Elementary School, where he befriended Fanboy and Chum Chum. Voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson "So, a wizard, huh? Sometimes, Necronomicon is annoyed by Kyle, like Scrivener Elf does. He is a tall and skinny and wears a scarlet and yellow striped shirt with jeans, red high-top sneakers, and a black cape. has real powers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has a sidekick and a best friend named Chum Chum. This may be why his head is abnormally large. Fanboy has a very active imagination, a desire for fun, and adventure and he enjoys spending most of the time with his best friend. Sometimes he flies by himself, other times he flies on his handy broomstick, which was used in "Kyle studying from flash cards proving his eidetic memory.He also knows when intruders are messing up the house, so he sets his house up with booby traps, such as a moat, dragon and kracken, to prevent his house from falling to ruin. Kyle turns to him and tells him about his newly conjured Scrivener Elf, which helps him with his studies, and even dashed off three book reports in the time to make him porridge. Mr. They do not know this, but they show they're sorry for him and care for him a lot. He does the same to Kyle's spare wand. After calling Fanboy over, he lied and said he forgot to give him the eraser he conjured, and hoped for the worse when the eraser literally erased the board. He is now interested in having conversations with Fanboy and Chum Chum. After Chum Chum fake-levetates the ketchup, Kyle talks about levetation, and Fanboy fake-levetates himself. But instead of punishment, Hank and the class praise it, because if there is no blackboard, Hank doesn't have to teach.

Femboy is the main protagonist of Femboy & Cum Cum. But before he could get the attack out, the griffin Fanboy summoned earlier carried him away. After scaring off everyone else with a tornado, he literally attaches the eraser to Fanboy's hand, meaning that whatever he will reach for will be erased. As an infant, he had a bib with red and yellow stripes and a yellow fluffy edge, his hair had a curl on the right side, and giant eyelashes.