Analysis of the panel lines shows that much is lacking in terms of competitiveness. The vessels built by these yards include those which most tankers, container ships, Ro/Ro vessels, as well as vessels with higher CGT values such as LNGs and naval ships. 0000006216 00000 n a decreasing of labor force and wage hikes, especially for arc welding at hull block assembly stage. However, there are specific mechanisms associated with lean production, and their applicability to shipbuilding is not as clear. Healthcare is a service industry with unique characteristics. Time je omogućeno unaprijeđenje samog načina primjene metodologije " projektiranje za proizvodnju " i ujedno uvid u perspektivu optimalnog razvoja metode sastavljanja međuproizvoda koju treba razvijati u budućnosti sa komplementarnim izmjenama postrojenja brodogradilišta.

The purpose of lean manufacturing is to improve product cycle time, cost competitiveness, and quality by eliminating any waste in the manufacturing process through continuous improvement by a motivated workforce. It is risky for top management not to understand the building methodology which is an integral part of the shipyard strategy. By eliminating the sources of inefficiency and by mobilizing the team around common objectives, Lean management makes it possible to:Decrease inventories and the length of production cycles,To apply Lean management, companies can use different tools or methods such as:The 5S method: often the first step in any quality process, the objective of this approach is to guarantee the cleanliness, safety and good organization of the workplace.The Kaizen: this is a process for the continuous improvement of an organization day by day, with the participation of all employees.The SMED method: the aim of this method is to minimize the tool change time.Les Six Sigma: This management method is to improve the quality and process efficiency.The Kanban: this is a stock management method that allows production on demand.Lean management has a positive impact on the well-being of employees who work differently and are subject to less stress. 0000003382 00000 n

The decisions of employers about the social … What is Lean Methodology?

62 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 66 /H [ 1765 458 ] /L 697117 /E 17516 /N 9 /T 695759 >> endobj xref 62 60 0000000016 00000 n Based upon this it is clear that while making design for production (DFP) changes will improve productivity up to 30% when technology changes are made in complement with methodology changes, application of the lean manufacturing methodology Although a panel consists of butt-welded steel plates with multiple fillet-welded longitudinal stiffeners, a built-up panel is this same panel fitted with longitudinal and transverse steel elements. Whereas the design for production concept has bean readily applied in many shipyards, a lean manufacturing methodology for shipyards is lacking. Howeverit resembles a more realistic probability distribution (See Figure 17). The present state panel assembly line is mapped and then using lean tools and avant-garde technologies, such as hybrid laser arc welding, the new transformed panel assembly line is demonstrated to bring man-hour reductions of over 80%, so that a typical panel is assembled using 12 man-hours as opposed to the present 72 man-hours.Lean focuses on the reduction of wastes, optimization of processes and consideration of the production of highly customized systems. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI) has developed a new production system "Unit panel and slit process", which is suitable for production automation, and has developed a fully automated robot welding system at the assembly stage. Then we describe two recent cases of process improvement in a Japanese shipyard and we discuss the extent to which these reflect lean principles. Since there are many internal structural elements, the man-hours along a traditional built-up panel assembly line are multiple times greater than that of panel assembly.

Since flat panels make up well over 60% of a commercial ships interim product content, it is logical to analyze this important assembly line as well as its interim product configuration range in order to determine, what changes can be made in order to improve the production by decreasing assembly man-hours. The results of the Category hours (See Figure 22). 0000007869 00000 n 0000015443 00000 n

In order to maintain global competitiveness, shipyards must constantly improve upon existing processes in order to cut costs and increase profit. This is due to the fact that when the technology level of the situation in many shipyards that have still not moved towards lean manufacturing implementation, the better methodology will not be utilized in a compliant manner. 0000007152 00000 n The Basics of Lean Six Sigma 10. Who Benefits From Using Lean Six Sigma? This is just one technological improvement that is in line with lean manufacturing.