shame on you all. A COUPLE left a German Shepherd dog in their car outside Tesco during the weekend as temperatures inside the car hit around 45C. ya know usually my comments are less than 5 words at most but THIS HITS HONE!! I hope to God you do not own a dog or even have a kid. The panting dog was left inside the car … News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH A German Shepherd died inside a parked SUV while her owners enjoyed lunch and drinks just steps […] Not checking the dog deserved a citation in my mind. !A 3 hour lunch and the idiot owners did NOT check on their “beloved” family member/dog. A Nebraska family learned the hard way that when the summer sun is beating down on a parked car, even leaving the air conditioner on doesn’t always provide a safe place for pets. I’m sure they loved him dearly.

!You’re as dumb as they are. This was such a tragic mistake that they will have to live with the death of their baby for the rest of their lives. Rest stops have signs specifically prohibiting dogs from going in the buildings.
Couldn’t even go check on during those 3 hrs?? Leaving a Dog in the Cold Car We’ve all heard the horror stories and warnings about dogs in hot cars during the summer.

People are so quick to judge and to be harsh and unfeeling with they’re comments. They left the dog in a car in a crate on a hot day. I’m sure they loved their baby very much and were just devastated. Or did they just not care? No citation/punishment????????? Hard way for them to learn this lesson. I hope they have nightmares about this.

I can’t imagine a car sitting with the engine going for 3 hours and not checking on it either. Unfortunately the owner had done this before so she got a $200 ticket. Also, why are they not being charged for running a vehicle for 3 hours! Until his brain has literally cooked inside of his skull and he has absolutely nothing left. They could have used the restaraunts dog patio! The air conditioning should be adequate for that amount of time… However I do seriously wonder why lunch took 3 HOURS and they didn’t bother to check on the dog once during that time.But 3 hours?? ?I really feel for both the dog and the owners. The car could have shut off.

!Animal Cruelty is a felony you idiot. As I said, my boy came around and he was fine, but it never should have happened and I would have deserved to be charged. Confined and in the way back in full sun without one check in….Ding, ding…..They did not do enough, sorry…They do not deserve a dog, imbeciles. Leaving pets locked in cars is never safe. Why wasn’t this digs important enough? They sat inside in the AIR CONDITIONED restaurant while their dog was in a HOT kennel regardless if that AC was on and their dog suffered have totally misused Scripture….that is a sin in itself …..and I have a feeling ,if they are that self-centered and careless…they are not them it’s an “oh well”..we messed upI agree Jill.
It is really very simple to take care of a dog properly. We are not allowed to keep our vehicle idling for 5 minutes picking kids up from school!What the Hell, If they left there poor dog in the carRight, I thought the same? If I have to park for more than a few minutes, the generator is on and the overhead air is running. and animal control bought this. A parody, but paws a moment.

I can see that they might think the ac was ample but damn bet I would have checked back to see if it was icy cold sitting in one place within 30 minutes and every 20 or 30 minutes after that if I had a car running unattended even within view.

Really, a three hour lunch? I have sympathy in situations where people have done things not knowingly and caused death but to intentionally leave him in a kennel in a car is criminal! Dogs generally find frozen treats...Most owners of a dog with allergies – either seasonal, food, or environmental –...Join our mailing list to receive the latest dog news, recall alerts, and giveaways! They didn’t make a mistake, they purposely left the dog in the vehicle without checking whatsoever for 3 hours. How selfish could you be.hey lady how about we put you in a dog kennel and leave you in there for 3 hours and see if you can breathe get the hell off the post speaking of assholeThere has been so much about leaving dogs in hot cars. Three hours was incredibly negligent and stupid.Did no one hear this poor dog? Even if it was a plant I would brought it ice/water out!I did not get the jump seat in the back of the car because the ventilation is not good. Do animals a favor, don’t get one!!