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£14.00 in Scotland and Wales² £ 13.99 £ 9.99

Summer Bringing a bag of cans to a socially distanced, outdoor meetup doesn’t need to mean beer anymore.As if they knew the weather was going to be amazing this week, Lidl launched its new line of pre-mixed canned cocktails for your summer sips.The new additions to the summer drinks range are just in time for the June Bank Holiday and temperatures around the country are soaring.There’s plenty of options to choose from that will satisfy the tastes of gin, rum and cocktail fans.It’s Hortus line includes the classic G&T, pink gin and even rhubarb and ginger flavours, with Finton’s also having their own range including the classic and a pink grapefruit offering.If you’re more of a cocktail fan, you can try the Sunrise Mojito and Woo Woo or for those with a sweet tooth, the Deluxe Passionfruit Martini.Rum drinkers haven’t been left out as there’s also a can of Captain Cook’s spiced rum and cola available.The range of canned drinks is just in time for the warm weather and would be delicious when made into a frozen version.Add a can of your choice into a blender with some ice and hey presto, you have yourself a cool adult slushie to keep you chill while the weather is hot.The best part of all is that the drinks won’t set you back a huge amount as they only cost between €1.49 and €1.99.

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