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Men and boys wore blue coverall-type suits tied with strings; women and girls wore plain blue dresses. Also known as the Kingston Clan, Kingston Group, or The Order, it evolved from the Davis County Cooperative Society, though not all members of the latter became members of the church. Weber County Sheriff's Office via Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY — Members of a northern Utah polygamous group have admitted in federal court to creating false records in their biodiesel company to … In addition, the government wants the proceeds from the sale of a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago, a 2007 Ferrari 599 and six Kenworth trucks.Jacob Kingston, who admitted to 41 charges, faces the most time behind bars, with prosecutors agreeing to recommend up to 30 years in prison. "All funds involved in these financial transactions represented proceeds of the false renewable fuel credit claims filed with the IRS," Jacob Kingston wrote in the plea agreement.The Kingstons admitted to buying at least 100 million gallons of fuel from third parties and rotating it in tanks in Texas, Louisiana and Panama to make it appear that Washakie was buying and selling biodiesel.Jacob Kingston filed false claims in the company's name for more than $272 million in biodiesel mixture tax credits based on that project, according to court documents.In all, prosecutors say the government lost $511.8 million in the scam.As part of the plea deal, the Kingstons agreed to forfeit the Washakie Renewable Energy plant in Plymouth, Box Elder County, and 53 properties in Utah, California, Arizona and Belize, and other assets.They also most give up six luxury cars, including a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador, a 2011 Cadillac Escalade and the 2010 Bugatti Veyron — valued at $1.3 million used. The Kingston sisters were able to help her escape — although Ava wanted to stay with her family, she knew she couldn't give up her sense of self and continue watching the cycle of abuse continue. Entities with ties to the Kingston polygamist clan are trying to prevent the disclosure of thousands of documents seized as part of a … KUTV When several businesses inside the Kingston polygamist empire, including Washakie Renewable Energy, was raided by federal agents Wednesday, officials where tight lipped. Jacob Kingston also transferred money to accounts in Luxembourg. All Rights Reserved All went bareheaded and barefoot.The community practices plural marriage. Copyright © 2020 Deseret News Publishing Company. What members of Utah polygamous clan did with $512M in falsely obtained tax creditsHow a recent surge in concern about child sex trafficking has links to online conspiracy community QAnon Scores, stats, videos and pictures: High school football roundup for Friday, Aug. 14Latter-day Saints for Trump group seeks to ‘mobilize’ church members to reelect presidentCo-chaired by retired Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, a group calling itself Latter-day Saints for Trump intends to promote reelection of the president among members of its faith.Possible referendum could delay or alter plan for Tooele Valley Temple, adjacent residential communityA petition opposing the approved residential community planned around the proposed Tooele Valley Temple could lead to long delays.Christians are less supportive of athletes kneeling during the national anthem than other adults, according to Pew Research Center data. One of the guilty pleas states they “cycled” fraud proceeds through Order-related businesses and then back to Washakie’s bank accounts, falsely calling them loans or profits.