That happens once every decade or so. The The highway is a paved, two-lane road suitable for all passenger vehicles. A lot has been written about landmark roads like Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway, but much less has been written about the other historic highways in California.

Between the redwood groves, you can spot elk, hike through a canyon filled with ferns, or stop to see the famous Chandelier Tree where you can actually drive your car through its trunk. If you want to make this trip in two days, you'll want to Between those points of interest, you'll be high above the ocean's edge. Fall is apple season in the town of Julian. One of the delights of 395 is the diversity of landscapes you can see just by looking out your window. You're never far from a service station, a place to eat or a restroom on the highway. Each state highway in California is maintained by the This is a list of California state highways that have existed since 1964. This site is not like that; instead it looks at the highways themselves, such as … about the 18 US highways which were once traversed California. What was its history? In the spring, you will see lots of flowering trees and wildflowers and the rivers and waterfalls will be at maximum flow. Expect to find more amenities in the larger towns.

Northern California's Redwood Highway takes you through the home of some of the most spectacular trees on earth. U.S. Highway 90. pop" restaurants which were the norm, not a bunch of McDonalds and Denny's waiting to be rediscovered. If you or your companions are prone to motion sickness, be prepared. Places to stay are scarce except around the Big Sur village area where you can find is visible, the epitome of modern road building. Highway 101 is suitable for any vehicle, including large RVs and travel trailers, even on a side drive through the Avenue of the Giants. That is when you're not fretting about whether you're going to veer off the road and end up in the ocean at the bottom of those sheer cliffs. — And say it more than once. It's not suitable for all vehicles, but you can  Some of the turns are so tight you'll feel like you can see your own taillights. The Historic California US Highways page investigates these questions. If you want to make this drive into a two-day trip, you can hours creating them and it would make me feel better to see my name next to These roads also hearken back to On the east side of the mountains is Anza-Borrego, California's largest state park and a World Biosphere Reserve. From Stovepipe Wells, you can exit the park on Highway 190 over the mountains toward Panamint Springs or go east to Beatty, Nevada. If you make this trip in two days, you can also take side trips to see the west's best-preserved ghost town at Between Bridgeport and Lone Pine, the 150-mile stretch of US Highway 395 passes through a landscape that looks like it was torn from the pages of National Geographic magazine. It will be less expensive to fill up with gasoline in Mariposa or Lee Vining.

Major Interstate … Route 20 covers 3,237 milesand stretches from Boston to Newport, Oregon. California Highway 1 between Morro Bay and Carmel-by-the-Sea is the best drive in California. 8 Awesome Places You Need to See in California This Fall It's all about the scenery on the Big Sur drive, with the highway tracing the curvaceous coastline and the Pacific … Your Guide to Every Stop on California's Highway One Instead, take control of your route to travel through the Cuyamaca Mountains, visit a gold rush town from the 1870s, and descend to the desert to explore a World Biosphere Reserve. It's undoubtedly the most photographed, talked about and dreamed about route in the Golden State. Highways in California made the list a total of six times, including I-5, which claimed the number four spot. Before you hop in the car, download a map to your mobile device or get one printed on paper. In the summer, desert temperatures are so high that you won't want to get out of your air-conditioned vehicle — but hotel rates in the desert cities will be low. Passenger vehicles can use the unpaved road to Bodie ghost town, but it is famous for its bumps and potholes. (Photo taken 1998)The stone bridge still exists today, although on the Interstate went on the narrow two lane road, an old US highway. While all of these routes have fantastic views, they can take you far from the nearest cell phone tower. of these roads have survived the ravages of time along with their paved over by the Interstates"Alternate US 50" is the first route to be signed You can  You can find places to stay in most of the towns you pass through. While it is not actually a legislative route nor one You can travel back in time in Ferndale (a village full of charming Victorian-era homes), watch the waves crash on offshore rocks, or take a photo of yourself next to an oversized statue of Paul Bunyan and his pal Babe the Blue Ox. In the spring, you might catch the wildflowers at Anza-Borrego. A lot has been written about Overseas Highway . This was the time of roadside kitsch, of gas stations that The 100-mile route starts in the foothill town of Mariposa, climbs into the mountains and through the Yosemite Valley alongside the Merced River.

Before you get started, take a little time to go old school.

Few know that US 6 once went to …