Shop the contemporary and playful Little Dutch toys. What do our readers want to read about? One is an assortment of eye-pleasing metrics that describe specific behaviors and engineering aims, while the other offers a rhetorical presumption.That's not intended to be pedantic: We simply have to detach the presumption from the suite of available data visuals and then go right back to considered and considerable hearing. Fascinating.

Working for various film distributors on a wide range of theatrical releases ranging from 'blockbusters' to Mid level releases and 'award winning' titles. As a busy professional musician and educator I simply haven't got time to evaluate whether cable 'Y' makes a difference with amplifier 'X'. Herbalife tea, 12 …

At far right are the inlet for the power cord, the fuse bay, and the main on/off switch.

Roles have included Planning; Release dates, Release strategy, Input on marketing plan Integrating new media tools into marketing strategy. However ultrasonic pest control generators may repel flies :-) .........My office is currently about 40 dB now during the day. So, I can't see where this setup would be a limiting factor.but that will be like arguing that lossy digital audio signal is good enough (and all cables/amps sounds the same, etc. Description The Little Dutch Rainbow Stacker in pure nature is the perfect open-ended, Montessori inspired, wooden toy for your little one. … (At review time, the software supporting this was not yet available.)

Wear I switched to the AES3 input (and, ultimately, to Roon via LAN); there's no justification for using an analog connection between my digital server and these speakers—they'd redigitize the signal anyway. The Dutch & Dutch 8c is a clean, rectangular box meant to sit on a stand, though it's rather large and heavy for that application. QUICK VIEW.

The potential downsides of positioning the speakers so close to the front wall are midrange colorations, but those are minimized by the highly controlled cardioid dispersion of the front drivers. Featured New In. It is doubtful that most drivers can provide anything near the resolution available in the electrical signal in some high resolution audio.The use of Alnico and rare earth magnets does not solve this problem.Electrostatics, plasma tweeters, or field coil electromagnets can provide some improvements in this problem area, but at the cost of bringing other bigger problems in need of better solutions.As you heard with the Dutch and Dutch 8C, and with your own Revel Ultima Studio2, two very different designs, but both properly focused on solving the more audible problems in the design trade-offs at the expense of less audible problems. Isn't this an issue for any manufacturer?

Read more on our Buy in singles or cases as a reseller, distributor, buying-club or customer seeking bulk-buy cost savings. I left the speakers there while I continued to learn how to use them. The reduced resolution in the electrical signals is not a major limiting characteristic in the design solution.Most conventional tweeters, midrange, woofers use steel top plates with the center bore, the pole piece providing the gap, the focused magnetic field in which the voice coil operates.

Spec Painted with water based, non toxic paint.

The 8c's bass amp is specified to output 500W, but if your goal is to fill a large room with a lot of bass energy, a pair of 8" drivers presents displacement problems. Shops The M-Audio weren't bad... but they weren't as good as my other passive speakers.Recently got a set of KEF LSX - needed something small for a small room - and I'm floored by how good they sound.