Most black women have a strong disdain for black men, yet stay pressed about who black men date or marry LOL

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The New York Daily News A more formal memorial is being planned for September.At the peak intensity of nationwide protests against police violence, social media was flooded with videos of officers beating and driving cars into protesThere are mounting concerns over being able to vote by mail in the upcoming presidential election — and for good reason.

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I think because she was so ambitious at a young age she was going through that "bad girl" phase in her mid-20s that a lot of girls have from 16-21.

Jeanine Pirro, specifically, has a reputation for saying such nonUpdate: On Thursday, Andrew Yang tweeted that he was added to the speaker lineup for next week’s Democratic National Convention.

I don't think anyone will be held accountable, my thoughts are there was enough cocaine in her system to show she was user so no real charges will be brought because it seems like an overdose. Someone is starting lies.Teyanna is not a bad choice, but she is wild for saying ChristinaIf the veto is used, I hope Memphis doesn't fold to his alliance and try to backdoor Janelle or Kaysar.

She was using drugs and

More anonymous bullshit. This is not a mystery. Why didnt they simply do the transaction in an alley way somewhere?

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Nobody wants to admit the bad their loved one did. Sub-Forums.

Lyric McHenry, a Stanford University graduate with a budding film career, slipped away from her 26th birthday party at a Manhattan hotel two months ago without saying goodbye.

Black women...Bullshit. This is not a mystery. So maybe they did have a thing cause I wouldnt want to leave my friends on my birthday just to follow my plug A post shared by Lyric McHenry (@lyric_leigh) on Apr 17, 2016 at 12:05pm PDT According to, McHenry died of an overdose of cocaine, alcohol, and heroin.

Ladies, I learned this the hard way when I was young:

just saw this on an id channel show called "still a mystery"

President Donald Trump has contiAs we approach the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment — a day that celebrates the right for white women to vote — President Donald Trump continuesAmid other concerns about Trump defunding the USPS over mail-in ballots, the organization is also experiencing record delays, removing mailboxes in places Michael Cohen, former lawyer and fixer to President Donald Trump released the foreword of his upcoming tell-all book, Disloyal, about his behind the scenesThe announcement of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick has sent Republicans into a tailspin, and they’ve been checking all the squaresIt’s no secret that President Donald Trump opposes mail-in voting, or that his refusal to bail out the United States Postal Service is inherently intertwWhen La’Myah Mason was trying to get out of a years-long abusive relationship in early 2020, she had no idea how she would find another place to live, mThe name on everybody’s lips is Kamala — and that includes Vice President Mike Pence, who said that he “can’t wait” for their first dFox News is not exactly known for their nuanced (or accurate) takes on politic discourse.

Nobody wants to admit the bad their loved one did.

Obama clearly is very fond of Biden and Biden is fond of Obama.

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Did he not have the drugs on him since he was trying to go inside the club anyway? Also this was a clean-up story to try to fix her image.

McHenry's family recently held a private memorial service for her in West Hollywood.

Why not just divest to the white kangz y’all desperately...My theory is that Naz had all this extra $$ because not only did she get all the Canadian stimulus money, she falsely applied for that unemployment/small business thing,...Even if she did have a car, Uber eats asks for license info and does a background check so she still wouldn't be able to do it if she did have a car.It’s related to the discussion because people are claiming she’s racist for using the n word but black folks use it on social media and irl all the time. Get exclusive access to the latest stories, photos, and video as only TMZ can. Breaking the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news.

Learn More. just saw this on an id channel show called "still a mystery" I hope her circle gets help, she seemd very secretive.

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