Highlights. Restaurant menu, map for Korean BBQ House located in 94080, South San Francisco CA, 2229 Gellert Boulevard. Kimchi fried rice also good, same rice as what they use for kimbap. I eat a lot of korean food and this taste a little less flavorful and It's definitely less spicy than what I'm use too. The sauce was sweet, but lightly spicy. Kid friendly. Picking up my food was easy, the employees were friendly, and the space was clean with a modern squeaky white vibe. I've been back three times now, only because I'm trying not to eat out every day.

Great place me and the girl stumbled across trying to find a place to eat before we went to go watch a movie in Factoria. My friend and I wished we just ordered one bulgogi to share and the wings (we both got bulgogi and it was a lot). "When we came on a Friday for dinner time, the place was fully packed, but a table luckily opened up when we arrived. Mama's does NOT take reservations Friday through Sunday, so you might have to wait for a table unless you get there early. I've been here two times and this place is AMAZING. Both dishes were so good. We focus only on traditional plates we have built unique landmark Korean food experience paired with impeccable service to deliver traditional Korean wonders to the table. They're easy to find on UberEats, Doordash, and Grubhub. They are offering dine-in at 50% capacity and are taking extra precautions to ensure a safe dining experience, but we opted for delivery. Despite being a bit different than your traditional Korean restaurant, for Bellevue standards I think Mama's is a win!Mama's Kitchen is a cozy place for delicious comfort food, but (be prepared) prices are a bit high. Mama's Kitchen is known for its Korean comfort food and the place didn't disappoint. Their korean fried chicken is to die for. The atmosphere is quite cozy with its small size and friendly employees. Definitely plan on coming back and try their special "Mama's Japche.
Absolutely delicious! The meats (we ordered chicken, ribeye steak and pork belly) and the seafood (shrimp) were good quality and lean. Mama's is my favorite Korean restaurant in Indy. Come try us out if you're in the mood for authentic home style Korean comfort food! The portions are huge, always lasting me for two meals, and the dishes are vibrant and full of different food groups. Everything is fresh and homemade.

The original ingredients, fresh material, Mama’s special sauce.Authentic Korean cuisine, which has been passed through generations. Call now and make your reservation and trip to little Korean in Indianapolis. They even threw in a free rice drink! *Chef Kiss literally spectacular like there taste is consistent everything about Mama's Kitchen is amazing. The food at Mama's is authentic and flavorful, with generous portion sizes. Delicious food. Chef Mi is on a mission to serve and inspire her customers authentic home style Korean cuisine.…

Good quality Korean food! Restaurant menu, map for Mama's Korean BBQ Restaurant located in 47408, Bloomington IN, 2630 E 10th St. Every sauce and ingredient that goes into our food are prepared at Mama’s Kitchen, so taste and quality are amazing!
The prices are a little bit on the "pricier" side but it's all worth it. The bulgogi was tasty too and large enough to be my lunch the next day!My boyfriend and I ordered dinner for pick-up from Mama's tonight and had a great experience.

I'm assuming this place can get pretty crowded. I couldn't help but myself in wanting to try their Bulgogi and I'm glad I did. Mama’s Korean Restaurnt opened over 30 years ago. There are 3 others I've been to - Bando (also in Pendleton Pike), Sisters (Greenwood), and Cafe Korea (Fishers). A place to have one of the best Dakgalbi in Singapore: It is hard to find a…

But pretty small portion at $20. The original ingredients, fresh material, Mama’s special sauce. Since then we have not changed the way we cook home-style food in old fashioned way. Overall, I think the food is really good (and a bit more modern take to items than other Korean restaurants), place is casual/clean, and the prices are on the higher side.

Be sure to go during lunch because they have lunch specials which usually come with free gyoza + drink + normal entree for a cheaper price. MAMA CHO'S KBBQ PLATE $13.95 (base price) Chicken, Spicy Pork, Bulgogi (+ $3 per serving), Oak Kalbi (+$3.50 per serving), L.A. Kalbi (+$3 per serving) Rice, Choice of Two Servings of Mama Cho’s Marinated Meats, Fresh Kimchi, and Assorted Vegetables. I think the food here is pretty amazing and cool the staff are nice anyway.I was craving at first for Katsu Burger, but then I saw these guys across the parking lot.