Moran said the Maple Grove Charter School was given about 72 days to fix its deficiencies. Families. It takes money and training to switch programming, so changing that in the amount of time was not realistic, Moran said.

John Sample, the administrator for MAPS, said the district is conferring with lawyers about the contract to see what's possible. Instead, the school, after consulting with Superintendent John Sample, went to a program of subjects in the morning and projects in the afternoon.

The deadline to announce the change to the state was March 1, and the Merrill district did not take action on the request. We ask that any guests in our building observe emergency procedures in the event a fire drill or tornado alert is sounded.

Following the announcement, parents and Hamburg residents pushed back, asking that the historic charter school be kept open. The Athens School District announced in early January that it was interested in annexing the little red school house into the Athens district as a charter school. The district started to explore closing the small charter school, which serves about 80 students in Hamburg, in November, as a way to combat dwindling district enrollment numbers, administrators said during a late November Merrill Area Public Schools Board meeting. But the Merrill school district has said the district could save about $550,000 in the next two years by closing the school and consolidating its 80 students into other elementary schools. Currently, under the plan shown to School Board members in November by Brian Dasher, the district's finance director, the school would close for the 2020-2021 school year, after several months of public input and school board meetings.

Also, testimony during the trial in May showed the school was working to improve test scores, the judge said.The contract said Maple Grove must maintain acceptable student enrollment numbers, Moran said.

Additional information regarding the 2020-21 School Year will be shared with families and staff by August 7, 2020. All rights reserved.
Additional information regarding the 2020-21 School Year will be shared with families and staff by August 7, 2020. Search. The Merrill School Board will be holding its general School Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 18 at the Administration Building, 1111 N. Sales St. Public comment will be allowed.

"Every kid knows every adult at that school, and every adult knows every kid, so it's really like a community," she said. “This is just in case Lincoln County says we need to go home.”As for grades 6-12, there are two options. "It's just a really caring environment." So it really doesn't leave us any options, or you know, time to figure out what we're doing for next year." The school district had a contract with Maple Grove that went through June 2022. 2018 January Student Enrollment by Building; Family Access. So we need to mask up,” Medford school district administrator Pat Sullivan said.Masks are required by staff and students unless you are in your self-contained classroom. COVID-19 then hit and the school had no chance to improve anything, Moran said.
MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) - The Merrill School District voted Tuesday night on two separate plans to return to school. "Our top priority right now is to have our contract honored," she said. Families. The Governance Board and school staff were working to increase student enrollment, Moran said.

Read More About This Article about OASD August 5 Special Board Meeting Oshkosh Recreation Department Activity Registration On-hold WE talked to our board about if everyone is back in our buildings, we have a tough time social distancing. MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) - The Merrill School District is planning to go ahead with in-person classes for the upcoming school year. Stratford School District: Schools closed immediately. You may wish to send a note to your child’s teacher when you are going to be out of town, especially if you have a primary age student who has no older brothers or sisters to guide them when normal routines are broken. Local Weather School Closings Travel Conditions Sky12 Live Weather Cameras. In a closed session meeting on Jan. 15, the Merrill School Board …

Merrill Adult Diploma Academy; Bridges Virtual Academy; Students. Merrill Community Schools 555 W. Alice St., Merrill, MI 48637 Phone: 989-643-7261 Fax: 989-643-5570 HOME. Merrill High School. For Pre-K through elementary schools, students will return to class full time, in-person.“There’s a lot to consider with regards with a 4-K or preschool learner,” Jill Seaman, the Pine River school for Young Learners Principal, said.The Pine River School for Young Learners finalized a plan to return to school in-person with social distancing, smaller class sizes, and modified pick-up and drop-off times.For Pre-K through elementary schools, students will return to class full time, in-person.The board proposed a part-time virtual and a part-time in-person classes option.“The hybrid plan is a blend of in-person and virtual learning,” Amy Stutzriem, the Kate Goodrich Elementary School Principal, said. 23.