MiBR players would also never agree to throwing a game on purpose, they have no economical reason to.Thats not how matchfixing works. And I, as a spectator and nonetheless a competition fan, can only question the possibility of both xeppaa and leaf be cheating.

149. (yes over 10 but some of them were starting to be repeats so I thought I made it through) I've literally gone on to twitch and checked out most of the popular ones. I love mibr man check my profile.mibr vs mibr ez 4 mibr ok.Btw if any tard thinks this is not fixed Yeah lost 17 rounds vs Mythic on Mirage with 1 ot.Esl need banned MIBR for throw, MIBR players donated yeahodds on this is amazing for yeah. He swings up there and honestly if you slow it down and pause his crosshair lands to the right of trk's player model and then he swings it left a little over it (really doesn't look like a lock in my honest opinion) he then turns right to ignore a flash and back up to look at heaven because that should be what hes watching.ok, so watch everyone before saying these things, because there are at least 10Like I said, I already watched a majority of them. RCF His teammates are holding the left side/short so his only realistic task at this point is to look up to heaven as someone could push through smoke. why throwing, why fixing. Win Rate. so conflict of interest about this game being mibr vs mibr is NOTHING next to other shit =D They wouldn't dare embarrass the people who pay them.Yes men))) beat the person paying your paycheck out of the torny just od it 4HEadFixed 100%, massive upset incoming, bets will be recalled it will be beautiful, imminent cluster fuck this is.it´s impossible, taco is a co owner of Yeah, they are gonna make Yeah throw, probably 2-1 mibr so it doesn´t seem suspiciousfrom 0 respect to hate MIBR and every player like hell lmao they should be banned from Valve eventsDon't get me wrong, but it's not MIBR's fault. T Losses.

Imagine many more ppl can experience that. I mean, I get it, lots of people say "ughhhh its so rigged" when their team is losing, but Fallen and Taco both have their fucking hands in Yeah. MIBR Ban Nuke Yeah ban vertigo I thought a genuine breakdown on the most popular one would be helpful. If i was Taco i fired him!Lost 3vs1 lost the whole game

if we’re doing all of this it’s because he’s really screaming just don’t see anyone who doesn’t want to advise you to see the leaf demo :)bratan dont waste your time Yeah Gaming vs MIBR / ESL One: Road to Rio North America - Group B / Post-Match Discussion. You simply don’t.

Maybe they play ESEA because before going pro that’s the best competition they can find to improve themselves with the best tick rate and servers? This match was fixed from the start (did not even bet on it, I do not want to support this bs).well done MIBR you won a fixed match against yourselves wow top teamThat 2v4 was beautifully played for FalleN and kNg, I gotta admit that peak SK rivals any team in historyI might need to rewatch it, but it felt as that the play was by design to make the CT look away towards the site>sk peak lets do even more crimes lolWe have to find some middleground and fight together man. Played. Yeah pick inferno ( yeah win ) THESE TIMINGS ARE TOO SUSPICIOUS.acusaram uns jogadores da chaos de xitarem no jogo contra mibr e teamone ontem2-1 for mibr, No way they will lose in their own team. No conflict of interest at allOnly way they can winned is by threat of no pay to YEAHMap 1 6-0 6-9 His poor performances against tier 1 or tier 2 teams were "understable" but against yeah... he used to stomp teams like that some time ago.hahahah d2 b retake awp just jump thru smoked doors and kill 3 people :DDDDDA confiança de fallen contra os noobinho é incrivelmente grande kkkk queria que jogasse assim contra time grande.HAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA CLOWN TEAM E Yeah vs MIBR Prediction. When it was 6 0 i thought i lost my bet lol.

kNgV- pqp kkkkk6-0 * Player is a stand-in The bookmaker has more than 40 markets for every match of ESL One Road to Rio, so make sure to take a look at all opportunities.

Mirage decider ( MiBR Win ) I don’t mean to come off as angry or anything if I did I just don’t think it’s right to throw out accusations based off clips. MiBR ban overpass im sure their average iq is below 10Nice fix by your own team FalleN WeirdChamp, telling MiBR academy to feed him kills so his stats will be better WeirdChampPara de fondear meyer una vez en la vida no termines último flaco mata 1por que tan toxico? FalleN yeah players stupid afi hope yeah will trash this disgrace, mibr most disgusting team in top30, always crying, have a huge conceitand and shittalkingbut mibr owns them so they probably told them to slow down now, cus they won't get more T rounds xDDDDDDDDDDDUnlucky 9 rounds in a row loss from Yeah against their employer Haha the most expected outcome ever. fer dumau TACO killed f4stzin with m4a1 (headshot) FalleN