Quick Look. It also now reflects our latest milestone: we’re Clean at Sephora! Milk Makeup is all about good ingredients and epic payoff. This list integrates our original blacklist with Sephora’s clean list so you can see the full guidelines we abide by.We hope you find this a helpful resource, and, more importantly, we hope you get that stain out before your meeting. Milk Makeup was founded in 2016 by Milk co-founder Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rassi, creative director Georgie Greville, and product developer and COO Dianna Ruth. MILK MAKEUP MVPs Set MEET THE ALL STARS LIMITED EDITION. $37.00. Create a professional milk logo in minutes with our free milk logo maker. Amanda Krause/Insider 50 ($87.50/Count) Get it Tue, Aug 18 - Thu, Aug 20. The serum felt silky and smooth across my face. Milk Makeup released two new skin-care products at the beginning of April: a $36 overnight serum, and a $22 overnight lip mask. Exclusive. Cruelty-Free. In my opinion, just a few hours of relaxation can sometimes be all you need.Like what you see here?

Though I could easily reuse this case as storage, I already own dozens of makeup bags. LIVE YOUR LOOK.

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. $16.00 Amanda Krause/Insider Amanda Krause/Insider Thankfully, however, the product is nothing like glue. My skin, on the other hand, was glowing — though I knew there was still a hefty amount of serum across my face.

EPIC PAYOFF. ), the manufacturing and testing guidelines we adhere to, and the allergens and irritants that don’t make the cut. I assumed both results would be practically unnoticeable the next day.I did hope that the products' ingredients would make me feel more relaxed, and maybe even help me to fall asleep faster, but that didn't turn out to be the case, in my experience.When I woke up, however, I was still pleasantly surprised to find that my skin was, in fact, much brighter and less red than it was the previous night. Search. This extra packaging seemed wasteful and unnecessary, in my opinion.

The only thing missing was a KUSH liquid liner to round out Milk Makeup's eye offerings. If you have any questions, we’re here: Be the first to find out about new products, upcoming stories, and our community. That’s why we want to be transparent with you.The below list will tell you about the ingredients that we promise never to use (it’s approaching 100! Instead, I found that it actually had a more creamy texture, almost like Vaseline.I applied the mask onto my lips, and was immediately taken aback by its strong scent and taste of lavender.


Amanda Krause/Insider Still, I don't think every skin-care product needs to magically alter your appearance.

While we can’t necessarily give you answers to those questions, what we can do is be upfront with you about what we put into, and leave out of, our products.

100% Vegan. Where are my keys? Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Find Milk Makeup Near You. MILK MAKEUP KUSH Lip Balm. Amanda Krause/Insider 23 more colors. Quick Look. All Sephora Urban Outfitters Sign up. BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the milk logo you want! Send. My lips weren't as plump, but a small area that had been chapped was suddenly smooth.These results didn't last all day for me, though; many of my red spots returned an hour or two after waking up, and my lips returned to their normal texture after eating breakfast.Whenever I add new skin-care products to my nightly routine, I worry that I'll wake up with some sort of reaction, like a rash or acne.But after using these melatonin-infused products from Milk Makeup, I awoke with calm skin that was less red and irritated than usual, as well as smooth To be fair, I don't think these products are game changers. Amanda Krause/Insider