Everything obviously. Team Canada used it for their goal song at the World Junior Championships, and the Chicago Blackhawks use it at the United Center. I like the message and its one that only a few teams could unironically use actually having something to party about. The list is, you guessed it, objectively correct so don’t bother @’ing me. ... NHL 20 | KHL 19-20 Season Custom Jerseys Showcase | All 24 Teams - Duration: 4:03. Congratulations!The Sens showcase a foul in the “played out” department with the choice of Blur’s Song 2, a “Woo” classic if you will. I am still incredibly confused why they chose this painful and cringe worthy soundtrack over the authentic goal songs. As the Leafs await another high draft selection in the upcoming entry draft, their fans are hoping that their pick will help them hear this song more often in future seasons.“Alright…” said Coyotes management “….how can we represent our team while simultaneously making opposing teams really angry? The Minnesota Wild and New York Islanders use this, and it's a fun song to hear at any stadium.In Montreal this song carries almost as much weight as "Oh, Canada." Dallas Stars. What ‘NHL 19’ is missing: An ‘NHL 20’ wish list. A classic building like Madison Square Garden deserves a classic goal song, and the Rangers accomplish that with their current song.“Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis has become such an NHL staple over the years.

Well, don’t let the Habs score at home.While the Rangers may not have the most elaborate goal song, their classic song gets the job done, and has done so for a several years.

Over 2 million monthly readers now come to THW for their hockey fix. When the Canadiens score, the Bell Centre shakes as over twenty-one thousand strong belt out the Habs’ goal anthem that has become such a staple in Montreal. It's a loud 80s rock classic, which is perfect to get an arena excited.Obviously this gets play whenever the Kings score at home and stays in the DJ's rotation when the Lakers are at the Staples Center as well.This song became part of sports culture most memorably with the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan Dynasty of the 1990s, but many arenas use it after a goal is scored as well. A special goal song is almost a requirement for a team with such a wide following. It's a cliche celebration song, but it works.The original version of this song gets a ton of play at college basketball games in the States, but the remix is a solid goal song for the Sens.The Caps use a number of songs when they make a deposit, which is a good plan when you're planning on a prolific offense.This is the song that gets the crowd hyped in Buffalo after a Sabres goal.

Updated daily with news and features from over 130 writers worldwide. The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. The easily-chanted part of the song isn't as prominent, but it's a good start. Let's face it, it's a great stadium song, and no house DJ has ever gone wrong putting it on.Just the name of the song along seems to have this one made with an event like an NHL goal in mind. "You would think that Anaheim would employ a song by a group named Ducksauce, but it's the Flames that give it some play. The nice organs lull you into a sense of comfort. It's also used in Winnipeg.It's a great tradition in St. Louis, followed by the bells.This has all of the makings of the perfect arena song. Today, each NHL team has a goal song that in some way or another either represents their team, pumps up their fans, or both. I’m quite disappointed that artifical intelligence is used to create hockey goal songs and not to fix actual problems in the world though.The progression of the guitar riff is quite enjoyable. So, it fits and avoids the worst sins but is still too repetitive and doesn’t evoke enough feelings to rank it up higher.The Devils’ goal song is energetic like the product they play on the ice. But it’s not good enough as a song to be ranked higher.The way the Bolts are playing and the way the song sounds, I would suggest you to INVEST, INVEST, INVEST because the annoyance levels are going to rise in the coming years. It doesn't take much to get Madison Square Garden excited, but this certainly helps whenever the blue shirts score a goal.The Black Keys are great any time, but the title of the song fits the Coyotes well as a cliche while the song itself has the elements of a good anthem: lyrics that are easy to chant, simple guitar.This is a lay-up for the Canes and was also used briefly as a personal goal song for Patrick Kane in Chicago.

For you non French-speakers out there, “Allez Montréal” is probably all the more infuriating. © The Hockey Writers 2018. Isn’t that the purpose of these goal songs though? It’s the single most annoying goal song according to many and the success of the franchise made it that much worse. I just love the lyric of “I don’t know what it is about ‘bout the Predators scorin’ But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it”.

It isn’t anything super inventive but stands out from the crop. And even then, anyone in the stands from outside Nashville has to wonder.One would hope the team with the league's leading goal scorer could do a little better than this, but I guess there's the chanting element that makes it work somehow.This song has become the most cliche goal song in the NHL, being played by anywhere between four and eight teams on any given night following a home-team tally. It doesn’t really make you jump out of your seat to celebrate but leaves you sat just kind of banging your head.What could go wrong with this formula? The epic part never arrives but we get a dad-rocky “gimme a hell, gimme a yeah”.