Kyper discusses some of his latest ventures including Little Buddha Cocktails (delicious), his new book that he's working on (Undrafted, coming October 20th), and his thoughts on the 2020 NHL Draft. Today Chris was joined by former NHL goalie Eddie Lack, The pair discussed the NHL's return to play format, Dive into the NHL's disastrous NHL Draft Lottery and Eddie gives advice to any young goalies out there who want to know what it takes to be a pro.

Wild Free Agency talks. The boys break down the news as well as go in-depth into Covid19 and how all of this could play out. SUBSCRIBE BELOW

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The boys got into just how incredible it was for Grant to be apart of the best NHL roster in modern history, The joys of watching Wayne and Messier lead a team., and the boys also relive the 1987 Canada cup from Grant's point of view. Few quick notes on some coaching changes in the NHL, then the boys dive into playoff predictions!Chrissy and a Kyle disagree on the Hurricanes on ice celebrations, Pastrnak is back for the Bruins, Andersen’s woes continue and more!Playoffs are racing up. Youtube- Chris and Kyle talk the playoffs as of 05/02/19 Do you have your season pass to Bonerland ?? Doug did not disappoint as he absolutely unloaded on the NHL's Draft Lottery process, The new 24 team COVID Cup and the boys wonder what the hell is going on in Buffalo. The boys break down what Ailes the Leafs team and also discuss the other major topics across the great game of Hockey. Award-winning radio personality John Derringer joined Chris to talk some hockey and the long-time Leafs fan did not disappoint! Follow us on Twitter or Instagram - @GTPO_Hockey Leafs and Colorado make some noise. They also share a few drinks and a few cringe stories from the weirdest place on earth Twitter #SlayQueenChrissy makes a call to the other side of the world to the pride of Leominster MA Bobby Housser who is currently working in China to grow the game of ball hockey, Bobby talks life in China as well as working the NHL's recent ball hockey event with NHL super star Alex Ovechkin The boys at GTPO talk about the Lucic and Neal trade, Vancouver continues to rebuild, Chicago tries to jump back into contention and Chrissy hosts a Ben Harper interview from his charity event. Internet star and avid St Louis Blues fan Ken Bone(@kenbone18) gives us his predictions on what will happen in both of the remaining NHL matchups. Follow on twitter- @cmancuso9797, @Kyleohowe, @tarpsoffhockey_The boys talk 50 days of drinking and then we dive into the NHL and the NHLPAs new Phase 2 plans to continue the season. On episode #12 of The Chirp With Daren Millard, we welcome in friend of the show and certified beauty Nick Kyprios onto the program.
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So, Sportsnet (thankfully) has pulled the plug on resident meathead Nick Kypreos, and we can only hope he’s replaced by someone who isn’t stuck in the 1970s, when clubbing an opponent over the head with a piece of lumber was an oft-used gambit in winning hockey games. The NHL has postponed the season until it is safe for them to resume after 70 games. Follow @cmancuso9797,@Kyleohowe, and @itsdeanblundell on twitter ! The boys shoot the shit and talk all the trades that have happened over the last two days. Weber has not played since Tuesday, February 4th against the New Jersey Devils after suffering what appeared to be a foot-related injury. Welcome to Get The Puck Out where we send hot takes, talk fantasy hockey and talk smack on all your favourite teams, Brought to you byToday Chris was joined by EA Sports "Game Changer" @Nosleevesgaming, the pair discussed what Sleeves is up to in the gaming world, as well as rejoice that the NHL is back in action tonight with 3 games on the docket, The boys break down the exhibition schedule and discuss whether the Leafs can win the Stanley Cup, Make sure to rate this podcast five stars and have a few beers tonight. Subscribe to Get The Puck Out on all major podcast platforms or join us on youtube Twitter/Instagram @GTPO_Hockey Today the boys dive into what could happen to finish the rest of the 2019-2020 season, Coid19 is killing out buzz and we also hand out the awards as this season is finoooooots....  !Chris and Kyle dip deep into the Bruins Lighning playoff-like game on Saturday. Get it while it's HOT Subscribe to Get The Puck Out on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Sticher radio and more you can also catch every episode on under the podcast drop-down menu!. Informing him that … It’s NHL Draft day! In his initial Tweet, Kypreos quoted "sources" were telling him Shea Weber's injury would end his season and put "his future in question". !The boys are fired up for another eppy of Get The Puck Up presented by Follow @cmancuso9797,@Kyleohowe,@Better_Biscuit  and @itsdeanblundell on twitter ! Tarps Off Hockey Little Buddha Cocktail Co. is the day! They have two versions of the Biscuit one for passing and one for shooting. Check out Derringer in the Morning weekdays from 6-10 AM on Q107.5, or on the Daily Derringer Podcast!Chris Mancuso continued his one on one series heading into the NHL's return to play which kicks off August 1st. Nick and Daren reminisce about their time on Hockey Central at Noon, how Little Buddha Cocktail Company came to be, handling contract negotiations, 'Undrafted, Hockey, …
Kevin Hayes broke the system.