It’s interesting that he considers Ozu his main influence, as Ozu’s style seems so at odds with what Obayashi put together in House. Both 'Unity of Heroes' and 'Warriors of the Nation' are entries in th…I think 3/10 is too generous for this movie. Humans predict somewhere that with prosperity comes extinction. He decided to make a record of his experiences of the war. Directory of who’s who in the world of business in Japan

Only little tidbit id add…Oh Paul, I can’t expect you to avoid a movie because I said so. Partnering with Kadokawa, Obayashi made hit films with sci-fi/fantasy storylines and mostly unknown actresses, including “Exchange Students” (teen boy and girl switch bodies), “School in the Crosshairs” (teenage girl has psychic powers) and “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (teenage girl travels through time).

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And then again, during the Second World War, they escaped to the United States in order to build a country of peace.

Their youthful actions are so hyperbolic that they come off as so desperate that they verge on a sense of horror. Just because by using old techniques, I had the chance to learn and travel all over the world because I used to occupy this excellent Toho studio so there was no room for anyone else in there.This was enough for me so I had no intention at all to make any commercial films. It was then that I learned about genre as a filmmaker. Through his childhood and adolescence, Obayashi …

I wish I’d had more time to discuss it with him.Disclaimer: does not own any of the photos contained in the blog. He didn’t make those at Toho.In the last 100 years we’ve hit the point where there is no winner and loser. (more…) Eureka Entertainment and Kino Lorber acquire rights for the film release… (more…) Busan’s ultimate films, Star Wars recruits, Attack on Titan hits big, and Korea return to UK cinema screens. I’ve only seen House, but based purely on that film, Obayashi is one of the most creative and clever directors of all time. Action Asian Cinema Reviews, Film News and Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates

Exclusive: Interview with the visionary Nobuhiko Obayashi Martin Sandison August 1, 2016 Nobuhiko Obayashi’s film House is rightfully regarded as one of the craziest and most singular films ever made, and I would say no other movie …

Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. I was more a director of private, underground experimental films using 8 or 16mm camera. It’s just about when that will happen. And then he calls Ozu the most surrealistic director? Obayashi’s interest in history, language and war as well as his staunch stance in his beliefs could make him a smiling (and kinder) counterpoint to filmmakers like Jean-Luc Godard with a similarly important and diverse trajectory.

I love House and I did see the short experimental film Emotion, which was on the House Blu-ray from Criterion, but otherwise most of his filmography remains a mystery to me. You would think a school like this would disappear after the war, but it remained for two more years.

It was thanks to this friendship with directors, I had the opportunity to work following my method on my terms within the major production houses.This struggle is an independent personal struggle and a difficult one.

That’s what my generation learned. It’s a destructive art.

Then we…I remember you commenting on this one around the time of its release Andrew,…You’ve certainly covered my grievances with this movie, and it was worth the…The man has great taste, and I also agree with pretty much all of his "contro… Japan’s traditional shopping arcades struggle to remain relevant

I thought they were just the cinema…As much as I prefer physical media, I have no interest in buying standard DVD…"I was certainly hoping for 1 more good Adkins flick this year."

I had no intention anyhow to work for Toho. We were told that Japan will disappear if we lost, but the Great Empire of Japan continued to remain. This is peace in my opinion.My generation, the first generation that grew up after the war, I believe that my responsibility, my role, is that of conveying this peace message to the new generations.My job was not producing commercial films.