2-4 are often overlooked in light of what comes later) but from there, Player A will drool at the degree of heroism presented to him...while the more conservative design advocate will shake his head in disgust. Decided to make an additional stop to play UGA course and was quite... I found the fairways to have adequate width even when they looked more narrow at the tee. The front nine is more traditional with two par 5’s and two par 3’s. Former owner Rick Hvizdak developed the course, along with the somewhat surreal castle-themed restaurant/clubhouse that adjoins it, before selling the complete facility on to Sewickley entrepreneur Joe Nocito in 2012. 14, a Par 3 raining down from a turret of a tee box to a green surrounded by manmade waterfalls, framed by the course's signature "stone wall" slabs. Welcome to Stonewall Golf Club. Having played many courses in this region of the country, if you drew a 75 mile circle around Old Stonewall, I doubt you would find a more exciting venue open to the public.Masters week golf. I really like Stonewall Old and have had the pleasure of playing it many times.

Olde Stonewall just happens to look good because the depth of the competition in Pennsy is rather limited.Perhaps ownership actually decided to build the castle-themed clubhouse after seeing the completed golf course; after all...that sort of excess wasn't a far-cry from the routing Michael Hurdzan & Dana Fry planned for the back nine. The issue for Olde Stonewall is that the Keystone State lacks superior public courses of note and given the dearth of options, the Ellwood City layout being near to Pittsburgh gets the nod. Architectural mavens will play it one time than wonder why the visit happened when such treasured western PA layouts such as Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh Field Club, Oakmont, are in the immediate area. Before long you will enjoy the sensation that you practically have the course to yourself. 12-16 will probably alienate two sets of golfers. Lucky are those who spend time here working. This is a very small green falling away to the rear, with some internal contour to boot; winding up at the back is not the worst thing.Playing into a wooded, rocky corner, this short hole has the smallest green on the course. The two nine are different in character and both are very good. The par 4’s on the course are the real stars. Each staff member in their own way has made this past season one of the most enjoyable I have ever experienced. Olde Stonewall is your club. It’s possible to land 30 yards short and left and run down onto the green, but it’s essential to stay to the left of the hole.A big drive out of a wooded chute will clear the crest of a hill and significantly shorten the downhill second shot.

Even though it’s a demanding course, you’ll sense that you’re not crowding the group in front of you and you’re not being pushed by the one behind. First, is a photo of the short game practice area. Flat as a pancake with dish plate greens and dump truck tees. 610-286-7828 Ultimately, Olde Stonewall is very much aimed at certain course personalities, and not the others.One will find Old Stonewall in the Borough of Ellwood City which sits on the western edge of Pennsylvania near the Ohio boarder. No. Our secret is wonderfully simple.

It reminded me a bit of another great course, Greywalls in Marquette, Michigan in that respect. That’s what the site dictates. With the fairway running along the top of a narrow ridge, the trouble to the left is all visible from the tee, but a steep fall lurks to the right as well. I have a lot to agree with in the previous review. Whatever’s the case, one thing doesn’t change.

People will disagree about which hole should be the signature hole on the course which is a pleasant problem to have. The clubhouse buildings and the stone wall behind are integral parts of the course, providing a counterweight to all of the bunkering short and right of the green. With two par 5s in the first three holes, you can get off to a flying start – or you can make a mess of it quickly. If you only like to walk when you play the back nine’s elevation change is probably too much to make that a rational decision. Phone: 724-752-4653 ext. The green is skinny and falls away at the back left.Your opponent’s start may have a good deal to do with strategy here; the hole can be played as a conservative three-shotter, or aggressively by flirting with the water off the tee. The green tilts hard from right to left and so does the approach, so you have to declare whether you’re flying it in or trying to play the bounce before choosing your line.The tee shot is blind over the crest of the hill (and a natural-gas pipeline), but the tree line on the right is a helpful indicator for the direction of the fairway. Please click on the appropriate Contact below for more information and an email contact form: The Golf Shop General Information.

104. It's a hole would make for a striking closer, but unfortunately the plot Hurdzan was given simply didn't allow for it. Olde Stonewall: Your club. The routing could be confusing but the signage does a great job of getting you to the right spot. It’s our comfort on the course policy. First opened for play in 1999, the course at Old Stonewall Golf Club is a joint Hurdzan/Fry production, where fairways are set out in two distinct circuits: a typical low country front nine and a more undulating back nine that exhibits a number of spectacular elevation changes. The recently updated Magnolia Room and adjacent Terrace provide an expansive …