But would you accept a flat amount?

What do you need to fix this problem? So whats the addon all about? We'll talk a lot about white college degree holding women. I know people who have been waiting weeks for results. Now he's- he's sharing that resting place with Abraham Lincoln. You've said they're basically useless unless you get them within three days. Happy Republic Day! And if you don't go to work because you're afraid of being sick and you have that job opportunity, you don't get unemployment insurance. ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, ONE DESTINY This is the motto of Guyana. He will be laid to rest next to his beloved wife, Lillian, who passed away back in 2012. It's a little bit more of a mixed bag in Florida and California. And John's life was about that. The problem is when you have these major epidemics in multiple regions of the country, it can strain the system.MARGARET BRENNAN: The CDC did come out with guidelines this week on how to reopen schools, but they left out when you should shut them down. I think you need to look at the density of students in the schools. And I will say, MARGARET, as- as a Black man that also has Spanish heritage, this is personal for me. The addon is located under Program Addons. Lincoln Memorial, 57 years ago. They promised it this week.

I think it's going to be very hard in parts of Florida to open schools on time because of the outbreaks. They're going to be returning test results maybe within two or three days right now. Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign announced Sunday night he and Jill Biden would travel to Washington to pay their respects to Lewis. So we have- we've asked for- part of my request to the Senate was really in part we may need a national registry in terms of how these supplies are distributed to hot spots around the country. Unemployment benefits, direct payments, etcetera.

Now, I should add, economics here are something of awash. That- that trend is most discernible in Arizona and Texas right now, where you see the positivity rate declining. And if you need something like medications, we're working with the paramedics to actually deliver them into your home. So that's number one. GOTTLIEB: But I think we need to think about it. At the same time as they are bolstering the stock market. But you do go in with your values. And so imagine if you have COVID and you are actually being treated in your own bedroom. Colony of British Guiana: Emblem Period of use Notes; 1875–1906 Colonial badge of British Guiana, based on the seal of the Dutch West India Company. At the same time, they did implement the mask mandate, a little late, but they did do it. President Trump won both in 2016 and our results today show Ohio is competitive. Mask-wearing members of the public can file past the steps on the East Plaza. If you see a positivity rate above 5%, which is hotspot territory, do you send your kid to school?DR. this week that it's taking about four to six days for people to get results.

Hopefully, Quest will get caught up as well. So near a full week of celebrations in honor of John Lewis, MARGARET.MARGARET BRENNAN: A celebration of his life and his message. One nation-- one country, one destiny, more perfect union. And I think one of the most important features, and a lot of other countries did this with success is keeping students in defined cohorts or pods so you don't have--DR. GOTTLIEB: --a lot of students intermingling. So I'm- I'm just wondering for you, because the last time we spoke on the heels of the HEROES Act being passed back in May, you said to me at that time, we have no red lines. In 2005, civil rights icon Rosa Parks laid "in honor" in the rotunda, the tribute given to private citizens who have not served in government or the military. They did take some targeted mitigation steps in that state, like shutting bars, dialing back how many people could be in restaurants, closing movie theaters and other kinds of entertainment venues outside. top coat with the inscription "One Country, One Destiny" hand sewn into the lining of his. CBS News Elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto joins us from his home today in Westchester County, New York. And that is his lasting legacy.MARGARET BRENNAN: I love that passing of the baton, Michelle. Good morning to you. Then, number two, we see big negatives among voters for how they think the president handles himself personally. It seems that's who he is trying to target. The challenge, and I shared this with the- the Senate committee is that, you know, even when we have the flu, a flu season, 40% of Americans say they're not going to get vaccinated. It was probably deliberate that they didn't because they don't want to address something that was politically charged. And if you are spending trillions of dollars to bolster the stock market, and I'm not complaining about that,--SPEAKER PELOSI: --that's important to our economy.

If these people get fired, they go on unemployment insurance. And so if they're able to get the epidemic under control with those more targeted measures and more collective action on the parts of consumers, that's a good guidepost for the future and how other states may control their epidemics.MARGARET BRENNAN: So Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, you've highlighted them all. So we've actually cared for about 11,000 COVID patients in their homes. MARGARET BRENNAN: In all of your facilities, supply-wise, what is the area of greatest needs- need?WOODS: Well, the good thing is that we spent the last several months stocking up on PPE. Often a stand in for areas of the country where there's more competitiveness.