He explores the world around him in small steps and is always eager to learn something new. While Grampu fixes the tent, the kids eat marshmallows. With each new pair, Oobi's eyes got lighter and lighter in color. They shout "Camp out!" A transcript of "Camp Out! Oobi is a curious puppet with an eye for adventure. Oobi, Uma, and Kako are outside at night. He says that they're brave for facing their fears, then goes to sleep happily. Oobi asks the viewers if they ever get scared. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They mimic Grampu's snores and laugh. Grampu starts to tell the kids a ghost story by saying "Boo!" over and over again. Oobi keeps hearing the same sounds that were scaring him earlier. Uma and Kako wake up, and Oobi assures them that he's okay. Grampu ends his story and everyone heads to their sleeping bags. Their disagreement turns into an argument that escalates until the tent is knocked down. Oobi is a curious puppet with an eye for adventure. He has a good-natured demeanor and a keen sense of loyalty to his friends. After asking what to do first, Uma and Kako agree on ghost stories, but Oobi wants to roast marshmallows. Even when he isn't the focus of an episode, Oobi shows up at the end to say the line. Oobi tries to have fun, but he gets distracted by some mysterious noises. Series creator Oobi is a small hand puppet with fair skin.

The night ends happily with a fun game of shadow puppets.— Nickelodeon (source) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Uma and Kako fall asleep, but he can't. ", an episode of Oobi. The kids end their night by making shadow puppets. [The segment ends and cuts to the kids back in their tent, making shadow puppets with a flashlight.] Oobi Camp Out!

His eyes are dark brown in the Three pairs of acrylic puppet eyes were used for Oobi throughout the show's run: a brown pair in the shorts, and two separate pairs of hazel eyes for seasons one and two. Check out Oobi Goddess httpsbit.ly2ObPzZ4 Grampu takes the kids camping outside. They go inside and Grampu explains that he has three activities planned for the night: sleeping in sleeping bags, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories, which Oobi is afraid of. He tells Grampu, who gets out his flashlight to show Oobi that there is nothing to be afraid of. His favorite colo… They look around and realize it's just Grampu, snoring loudly. As he curls up in his sleeping bag, the episode ends.

They walk around the yard and figure out that the sounds are coming from a Oobi gets back in his sleeping bag.

Oobi is afraid of the dark and the sounds of the night, but Grampu shows Oobi there's nothing to be scared of. For example, "Being the main character, Oobi was the first puppet created for the show. as they prepare to go camping in the front yard. The kids drift off to sleep again, but they are woken up by a strange grumbling noise. Oobi acts as a role model to his younger sister, Uma, who often looks to him for guidance. He takes piano lessons from Oobi's favorite toy and prized possession is a red toy racecar, modeled after a At the end of every episode, Oobi waves goodbye to the viewers while using his catchphrase: "Oobi, you, friends!"

His quiet, self-conscious nature is often contrasted with Uma and Kako's goofiness and slight arrogance. From the beginning, he was meant to be the simplest kind of hand puppet imaginable, with his signature acrylic eyes being his only accessory. Grampu takes Oobi, Kako and Uma camping in the backyard. Uma makes a bird while Kako makes a dog. Oobi is a role model to his little sister, Oobi is closest with his sister Uma and grandfather An important element in the series is Oobi's dream of becoming a piano player. They make tent shapes with their hands until they notice that Grampu has finished pitching their real tent.

Oobi calls for Grampu to stop and says that the sounds are scaring him. He explores the world around him in small steps and is always eager to learn something new. Oobi gets the idea to play a Next, the interview segments start.