Be the best of humanity." Let’s talk about it. However, she is saved by the rearrival of Kane and the two fend them off together. Making it down, they check their oxygen as Kane plans to get them to teleport back to the resort, but it can only be used once. When there, the Dregs start attacking. It is the 859th episode of the entire series overall. As Vilma worries about slowing the group down, Kane makes the rest take cover. As the Dregs surround the spa to attack, the group fixes the transporter and safely evacuate, leaving Bella and Kane behind to fight off the Dregs. The remaining survivors, the spa's mechanic Nevi, his son Sylas, and an elderly woman, Vilma, meet at the "linen cupboard", but Vilma notices Benni, her partner, has gone missing. “There is something on your back.” “The Pandorica will open.” “Silence will fall.” “Run, you…To answer the question that’s likely at the forefront of your mind if you read my review of last week’s…The Doctor is back at last!

In the tunnel, the group now plan to walk back to the resort, but the path takes them through a Dreg nest. That said, I honestly didn't believe that the episode would build up to a twist as hackneyed as “This is Earth!”Before we go any further, let me be clear: none of my criticisms of this episode have anything to do with whether or not I agree with its central message. While recovering, he meets a fellow guest, Bella. As their oxygen falls dangerously low, Kane reveals she was planning on gifting Tranquility Spa to Bella - something the Doctor dryly notes she should have said earlier as Bella arms several bombs with twenty-minute fuses. I also liked all of the side characters. In the TARDIS, the group is shaken, not knowing how Kane and Bella will live. Directed by Lee Haven Jones. In the tunnel, Bella reveals she is Kane's daughter, who the latter neglected in order to build the spa. I think anyone who's being honest and objective, regardless of their stance on global warming, will agree that “Orphan 55” is an example of bad storytelling.The problem, however, doesn't simply lie in the theme of the episode, but in how it uses that theme. I almost convinced myself to watch Doctor Who yesterday, but I ran out of time. That's the choice. The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz are taken to Tranquillity Spa via a transport cube for an all-inclusive stay. Ryan finally stumbles upon Graham in the corridor and they hug.

In this regard, the episode’s success is a mixed bag.

Few Doctor Who stories…So, remember how I’ve said a couple of times over the past two years that Chris Chibnall isn’t willing to…In 2017, one of the most prominent villains in all of Doctor Who canon was killed off. Notably, the Thirteenth Doctor explains that the relative future is always in motion, with multiple timelines hanging in the balance, dependent on the decisions of those who act in the present. Obviously, a lot of fans want All in all, though, how much you enjoy the episode will depend on your feelings towards its big reveal and ultimate theme. I hate being bashed on the head by somebody just trying to prove a point. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A perfectly acceptable episode of very traditional Doctor Who, that's let down by some poor editing but lifted by its highly important message. From the vehicle, the group sees the uninhabitable desolation of the orphan planet they are on, Orphan 55. But problems in key areas – including its key message – let it down. Orphan 55 was the third episode of series 12 of Doctor Who. The episode was watched by 5.38 million viewers, and was the twelfth series' most poorly rated episode among critics and viewers.

Graham is also great here (but really, when is he ever not great)? Even the big final showdown with the Dregs is a pageant about environmental concerns.

Frustrated, Sylas locks himself out. Having decided that everyone could do with a holiday, Graham accidentally teleports himself, the Doctor Yasmin and Ryan to a luxury resort for a spot of rest and relaxation.