One of Nottingham's key sporting events, the Outlaw has become (almost) even more legendary than Robin Hood, the Major Oak and Brian Clough! According to Endurance Sportswire, USA Triathlon has “announced that the 2020 Legacy Triathlon, Open Water Swim Competition and Long Beach PATCO Sprint Triathlon American Cup, all initially scheduled for July 17-19 in Long Beach, California, have been canceled due to current local government guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking for some advice. [Maca944] [ [05/01/20] We will be sending an update on Outlaw Nottingham (the full) via email tomorrow (Saturday 2 May). Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. I have done it twice in the past ('12 and '14). [fritsiexx] 53.2k members in the triathlon community. Those who have conquered the Outlaw Triathlon are remembered in local folklore for having outwitted the Sheriff to complete a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. [robbieBDP] “The first three events announced are classic British races and we’re delighted to hear they will be going ahead,” continued Peter Tomlinson at endurance sports TV. [ Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. I'd have thought you could re-set and sort of take what you previous training plan was for the Outlaw and re-lay it over the new timeline ??

THE UK’S MOST BEAUTIFUL TRIATHLON . Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Do you, can you, bleed your own hydraulic brakes, if you have bikes that have hydraulic brakes? Ie repeat of the past 6 or so weeks ? Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Given your obvs good fitness for a sub-hour swim and 3-something mara then you'll still have that fitness in half a dozen weeks. [BobAjobb] Date: 28.06.20 Location: Holkham Hall, Norfolk Distances: 1.2m Swim, 56m Bike, 13.1m Run Set in the majestic grounds of the historic Holkham Estate, Outlaw Half Holkham is without doubt one of the UK’s most spectacular triathlon events. [robbieBDP] Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps.

[ [Cnasta] That really sucks when the bike leg gets cancelled, what was the reason given? [robbieBDP] [robbieBDP] Just over 4 hrs excercise on a Sunday is prob lighter than you usually do ?? [Polo_1272] Want the latest triathlon news and advice delivered to your inbox? !! [ 296 talking about this. Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Outlaw Nottingham (26 July) is still scheduled to go ahead, but organisers are mindful that training … [ Not much I can do other than try and get what I can done I suppose. [ [ Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Advice over accomodation nearby would be most appreciated given that most places appear full given how last minute this will be to organise. [robbieBDP] Very interested in this thread on behalf of my wife who is in the same boat. Good job! [ Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Absolutely heart breaking having trained hard on the bike all year but what can you do. [robbieBDP] [ I'd say to start slow. [ Yes, my wife finally made up her mind on Sunday so we'll be there too. Decisions and more information are expected within the next two weeks.It is hoped that Outlaw X, scheduled for 27 September 2020 at Thoresby Park, North Nottinghamshire, can still go ahead if it’s safe to do so. You're fit, so no need to overdo it. Southwell Sprint Triathlon 2020 - CANCELLED Date: 03/05/2020 Venue: Southwell Rugby Club, Park Lane, Southwell, Nottingham. The Outlaw Triathlon & the Outlaw Half: 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike & 26.2mile run. I'll probably only get one or MAYBE two rides longer than 3 hours, whereas before I was doing one each week. It’s now part of the UK’s favourite long distance series along with three Outlaw … [BobAjobb] 1) No clue.

I started the Outlaw Triathlon on Sunday, only to be told on exiting the swim that the bike leg had been cancelled and we'd be moving onto to the marathon after a 2 hour break. Do you have the tools and the knowhow? [ If we miss your query try [email protected] . Award-winning Outlaw Triathlon & Outlaw Half events: 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike & 26.2mile run. Right, but my issue is I don't have the weekends free like I did prior to Outlaw. Re: IM Bike leg cancelled - next steps. Outlaw Triathlon has now sadly confirmed the cancellations of Outlaw Half Nottingham (17 May), Outlaw Half Bowood (7 June) and Outlaw Half Holkham (28 June) 2020. A subreddit dedicated to the sport of triathlon, and all of its constituent components, quirks, and joys. The award-winning Outlaw Triathlon was first launched in 2010 covering a 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike ride and 26.2mile run.