Charles II, with a painful and broken heart, blamed the British government for his friend's death and demanded they to apologize to the Irish, but the British refused, due to their bitter hatred with the island nation west of England. Most Mexicans, having to suffer the might of its oppressive government, had decided to join the American Empire as part of the Imperial Homeland. Chapter One The Battle of Trafalgar was a pivotal battle in the Napoleonic Wars. The British invasion of the Ashanti lands begins at the same OTL date in 1824. These European nations are defeated a phyrric victory for the Oyo-led coalition, and the growth of African kingdoms in the region continues unabadded until 1754. Pax Germanica - Alternate History of Europe - Full Series - Duration: 1:35:48. In fact, Yodit is defeated by the Christian Emperors of Ethiopia, and the coast reclaimed. Mali and Oyo's intervention prevents the start of the Forth Anglo-Ashanti War, and keep Ashantehene from falling. In 1955, Charles II arrived at Dublin to congratulate the President of Ireland, who was at the time a close friend and fellow aristocrat of the Emperor during their days in school. By November 1st, the rebels were hanged and were claimed by the Imperial Party to be members of a Anglo-German conspiracy against America. The British do win in the first conflict, setting the border at the Pra River in 1831. Spanish ships came to … Pax Germanica - Alternate History of Europe - Episode Five - Duration: 7:19. The Kongolese king, João I converts to Christianity, and begins trading with Portugal. Eager to build up its defenses, Ireland quickened the pace of a new military force of 100,000,000 troops and 200 tanks defending the Irish mainland.

In this time, Aksum's decline is not devastating as in OTL. The Kingdom of Kongo does not fall to the Portuguese Empire. This decision was important, as the kingdom of two million people is not depopulated by the king's foolish choice, and allows the much larger populace of ATL Kongo to remain defiant in their leader's choice. Meanwhile, in London, Queen Elizabeth II had noticed the Irish-American alliance building up their combined military machines. This assassination was planned not by extremists, but rather by the British government, except for Elizabeth II, in which she and her family were not told of the plan made for the assassination.
Having to defeat India during the Indo-American War, the On September 2nd, 1956, the Chinese government witnessed a huge riot in Shanghai, an hour after the massacre of ten Japanese tourists, who were mistaken as spies. The American Empire, due to Emperor Charles II having some sort of Anglo-Celtic dependence, was very pleased to have Ireland regained its northern borders from the British Empire. The Empire was established by the Imperial-American Party following the end of Second American Civil War around 1950.

On October 21, 1805, Napoleon sent his best naval commander Pierre Charles Villeneuve, while the British sent the legendary commander Horatio Nelson. After claiming all of Pakistan from India, the American Empire then set up a full scale invasion of India's southern ports, forcing the President to sign a peace treaty with the Americans. Alternate History Discussion: Before 1900. In the third conflict, the Ashanti win both battles at Amoaful and Ordashu, saving their capital city of Kumasi. In this timeline, they come to view Morocco and its growing empire in the north as the greater threat to their power. In the second war, the result is the same, though victor was declared as in OTL. Finally, in South Africa, the Zulu make wise choices under the rule of Shaka Zulu, who is not assassinated by his two half-brothers, Dingane and Mhlangana, both of whom are killed when their plots are revealed. Meanwhile, only few U.S. Also, they trade more frequently with the Boers and the British, whilst remaining defiant in the face of their enemies, learning how to use guns properly (as they shot too high believing the bullet would be blessed), and defeat numerous attempts to expand into their lands. 1:35:48. In Nigeria, the Oyo Empire rises to prominence in the 14th-century, just was the case in OTL. Thread starter Indicus; Start date Aug 31, 2014; Aug 31, 2014. having seen how its neighbor, Songhai, was crushed by the Moroccans, they agree to permit the eldest son to inherit the throne, and consolidate their power by building up their military strength by purchasing firearms, having seen how Songhai's 10,000 archers and spearmans were wiped out by the 1,000 Moroccans musket-armed soldiers. However, unlike in OTL, he does not allow for the selling of slaves to the colonial power. Thread starter kasumigenx; Start date Apr 9, 2011; Apr 9, 2011 #1 kasumigenx. Here is the POD, Edward the Confessor has Children Here is what happens before the POD. It controls colonies within the Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. This isolation does much to damage the precursors to the Ethiopian empire in the long-run, keeping the once mighty empire from remaining up-to-date with ongoings of the world.