“Of course, this shouldn’t be completely new information - hopefully at least something has gone right in the first half or it’s really difficult!

Reproduced under licence from Football DataCo Limited. Our philosophy, our style of play won’t change too much but the details are always interesting. There are a lot of things to do over the season around the team and the building, everything that is necessary to keep all this together. The game is developing; we try to be inventive. Developed and maintained by the LFC Technology and Transformation Team I notice situations where we have problems in defending so probably the opponent can create chances against us. And it is, and was, the same here in Liverpool. We thought the things we want to invent take a bit of time – a long-term idea – and we’d come somewhere where we’d try to make an impact for the whole club, something that stays for longer even if you are not here anymore.

Replayed: Liverpool 3-2 West Ham - watch extended highlightsReplayed: Liverpool 3-2 West Ham - watch extended highlights “This is what we see every day, what we talk about every day: to have this quality, to be as smart and intelligent to take information and to do it then. That is the most important thing. “We search for ways to build up, to construct and to create chances so you have to see what are, and have a real look for, the solutions in how we defend, especially [regarding] this next opponent we face, and how we can create chances and how we can attack successfully with our skills.

In Mainz, it was our hometown where we grew up – so obviously it was easy because it was natural. We always felt something like an identity with the club we were working for.

8th October 2019 'We wanted to impact the whole club, to make something that outlasts us' Chris Shaw @__ChrisShaw. It is, Peter Krawietz explains, all about maximising a relatively miniscule amount of time. “Or, we have problems so we have to think already about the solution or what we have to change in the second half. We enjoy it.In the best case, people learn and develop. NEXT ARTICLE Media Watch: Read the latest LFC transfer rumours. This is the process that goes on.”Do practical considerations - such as the potential difference in equipment and space at Liverpool’s disposal at away stadiums compared to Anfield - ever affect this well-oiled operation?“Well, sometimes it’s an interesting challenge!” Krawietz admits, with a laugh.“At Anfield everything is fine, our new dressing room is, as we all know, fantastic. Krawietz has been right by Jürgen Klopp's side throughout his first five seasons at the club, overseeing a memory-littered journey that's now seen the Reds lift four major honours.
It’s always constructive, I would say, always based on trust and teamwork.

We enjoy it as well. “An away game with a small changing room probably makes this a bit more challenging, but in the end we want to do it everywhere. “All this, and our performance and the performance of the opponent, leads to this half-time analysis.”Pertinent game patterns flagged by Krawietz, Klopp and Lijnders are then relayed to the team at the interval, following a rapid decision-making meeting between the trio.“You probably always see me with the book, writing things down,” the former continues.“What I’m doing there is knowing exactly the situations where we do well or the situations where we have problems, where we don’t probably find the solutions. It never gets boring! “As you can imagine, all the manager has is probably five or six minutes to talk and then it can be possible - it’s not like this in every game, but it’s possible - that we find the right clip to show the players in order to support the half-time talk of Jürgen.“Three or four minutes before half-time, I leave the bench and go to the dressing room. All rights reserved. Even if your daily schedule is similar, doing nearly always the same things, the game makes it interesting. It was a big step. Peter Krawietz has explained the process and year-on-year improvement performed by Liverpool in order to reach the pinnacle of world, European and now English football. “It’s important that the way we work together, we can do everywhere at any time and this is what we try, of course.”If the first half has gone to plan, the predominant theme of half-time is the reiteration of the pre-match strategy that has, so far at least, worked well.“Another possibility is that we don’t find solutions [in the first half] so then we try to give the players a picture to see the spaces where we can play, or where we can see what the opponent’s idea is to beat us in a defending moment.
All rights reserved. The simple message was ‘keep it up and then you will see it will happen’. “From time to time this happens: you show something at half-time and immediately afterwards it happens. Jurgen Klopp's assistant Peter Krawietz has suggested that the Reds could be about to change their approach having spotted something in his role …