Taking a moment to catch his breath following his desperate attempt to save the ferry from splitting in half and sinking into the sea, Spider-Man overlooked his work as a member of the public cheered him on, only to learn that his missed one spot and the ship began collapsing once again. While Iron Man's head transitions itself into an army of Mysterio figures, Spider-Man found himself being lost and accidentally ran into another, hurting himself again. While Beck was taunting and berating him, Spider-Man then saw a series of statues that had the founding Once Spider-Man shot his webs at Mysterio and tried pull him in front, he was tricked again as it was revealed to be another illusion and avoided the lifting crane he pulled. recommended new features active in his suit, only for Spider-Man to discover she meant an Vulture, however, refused to allow Spider-Man to take his profit away from him and reattached himself to his Exo-Suit and furiously attacked Spider-Man. Parker felt the impact of the water splashing and caused him to lose grip, letting the building collapse into the ground. As Parker and Jones pondered who could have done such deception, the hologram continued, to show a simulated Upon Parker's realization that Mysterio was behind a larger conspiracy, he outright confessed to Jones that he was in fact Spider-Man and really messed up. Upon seeing the way they looked, Parker had thought over Parker told Beck that Stark knew every mistake he made so he must have known that he wasn't ready to fight battles bigger than him yet. On the evening for Homecoming, May drove Parker to the While the confused and quietly terrified Parker made his way through the house, he tried to hide his displeasure from Adrian as well as the revelation that his date's father was the man he has been hunting all this time. Parker aided the civilians by swinging across the city keeping rubble off the fleeing people in the streets below. As the illusion had ended, Spider-Man was suddenly hit by a train. When Parker sat down, Hogan was confused by all Parker's awkwardness, as he had never been on a plane before as he chose to sit down just across from him, noting he had never left Parker, who was unaware of such a suit, then located the suitcase in another part of his hotel room and opened it, revealing the new suit and its features and upgrades which had been designed for him by Stark. As the biometric scan was completed once Spider-Man had put on the glasses, he was asked if he wants to execute all cancellation protocol's for the remaining Combat Drones, answering yes to execute all the drones. As Parker told them they were nice for treating him so well and they're complimented their English, he was told by them that he was in the The injured Parker made his way into a town and was confused on where to go, stepping on feces from one of the barnyard animals. Now further away from Beck's illusions, Spider-Man sat down on one of the seats to recover from his pain but was soon passed out from succumbing to his wounds.Waking up from being unconscious for hours, Parker found himself in a jail cell with a trio of soccer fans, who one of them gave him one of their shirts to keep him warm. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As Jones told him it was fine, Spider-Man asked her if she's ready, as she accepted before telling her that she's going to love it. However, after another taunt from Thompson, who mocked Parker for failing to arrive with Spider-Man while still calling him Penis Parker while the crowds laughed, Parker excused himself and donned his costume outside on the Toomes Residence's roof in private. Jones then clarified that she knew Parker was Spider-Man a long time ago, much to Leeds surprise. Parker told it to help him solve the problem with Davis, despite the A.I. Hogan also thanked Parker for saving the As they then began walking together, Stark had apologized for taking away Parker's Noting that there were fifty reporters who were still waiting for them, Stark then proudly displayed a new While Stark had begun explaining how Parker becoming an Avenger would work, noting he would stay next door to the His mentor respected his decision and agreed to let Parker go back to New York, with Hogan telling him to wait in the car while he had a private word with Stark while Parker was gone. As Mysterio kept playing with Spider-Man's mind, the illusion was cut off by Fury, once he shot him in the back. Spider-Man witnessed a barrage of illusions that changed his environment, such a room full of lockers, shards of glass, and a dark room of statues that are all falling apart as he sees, while Beck kept telling him that he really is sorry. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Spider-Man: Adversity, the Everyman, and Our Best SelvesMarvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With his upgraded suit, Spider-Man handled the drones and confined them to the side of the bridge with his webbing, sticking onto them until they explode on impact.