There are plenty of new plants too. Gargantuars only show up around the last wave, so save your Sun and instants for then. To get plants or zombies you need sun or brains to get that, various weather conditions such as fog, how sunny it is or whether it’s day or night, will affect the matches. The player was rewarded at the end of each level, and using these rewards, plants could have been customized with different costumes and have their stats upgraded at the player's house on the map. Around this time, if you have been diligent in collecting dropped coins and saving Lawn Mowers, Crazy Dave will ask you if you would like another seed slot (bringing you up to eight) for $5000. Before the level starts, Crazy Dave will appear and buy your Magic Taco for $1000. The final wave is a little tricky, but nothing too difficult. 3.6K likes. Boosts were add-ons that you can use during a level. Pool levels have six rows of zombies to invade, the middle two being the pool. Special Survival Levels appear along with the endless mode for PvZ 2 reappear. Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition Zombies are invading your home, and the only defense is your arsenal of plants! Pogo Zombies return, alongside Bucketheads and Balloon Zombies. Umbrella Leaves are recommended, as they prevent both Bungee Zombies and Catapult Zombies from killing your plants within a 3x3 range. Again, use a Cherry Bomb if things get tough. The level itself brings back Bucketheads, so bring Sunflowers or Sun-shrooms to rack up the sun, as well as Wall-nuts, Repeaters, and Snow Peas, and, of course, your Puff-shrooms.

Bucketheads, Diggers, and Jack-in-the-Boxes appear here in this two-wave stage, and they appear in larger amounts than usual, making this a very tricky level.

Easy intro level. Various plants from 2, GW 1 and 2, and Heros along with characters from Adventures reappear, not all plants from the aforementioned games reappear but some do. Another one is that you plant a Puff-shroom anywhere, and collect sun. There's only one wave, so don't knock yourself out if you need to use a Lawn Mower. Two waves here, so bring Hypno-shrooms for the Football Zombies, and, um... that is it? What were you expecting? Put them near the back, or the Scaredy-shrooms will duck and get eaten. You should know how to do a conveyor-belt level, and you know how to deal with the zombies. Dancing Zombies appear here. Although you may be tempted to bring both the Coffee Bean and the Magnet-shroom to deal with them, instant kills will work better, as they take up one less seed slot, and all of them are cheaper to use, sun-wise.

Plant your Peashooters as soon as possible, and try to distribute them evenly between the rows.

Think of it as an aquatic Pole Vaulting Zombie. The Roof is drastically different from any of the levels you have played so far. Plant two lines of Cabbage-pults and a line of Chompers and then a line of Tall-nuts. This level is pretty easy. The new Pogo Zombie is incapable of jumping over a Tall-nut, so you can use those to stall.

These zombies have a gargantuan amount of health, requiring two instant kills to kill.

Use a Snow Pea/Repeater combo to take them out, and pack your instant kill items if you need to take someone out in a pinch. Each stage has 3 main achievements and 33 known secret ones.

There are two main campaigns, Plant Defence and Zombie Defence, the Plant Defence consists of; Veggies, Fruits, Flowers, Nuts, Roots, Fungi, Weeds, and Trees.

Once you have a Snow Pea base, the game basically plays itself. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Also, if you are using the free PC version, this will be the last level. Coins - These are generated by town buildings, surviving plants at the end of the level, leveling up, Marigolds or earned by beating a level. There's another wave this time, so beef up your Fume-shrooms and Snow Peas. Not much explanation, but there is not much to explain. Jalapenos, Squashes, Lily Pads, Tall-nuts, Spikeweeds, and a few Torchwoods and Tangle Kelps also appear to help beat back the Bucketheads, Dolphin Riders, Snorkelers, and Zombonis. Instant kills can be used if your Magnet-shrooms are overwhelmed, though they shouldn't be. The new Split Pea is one way to beat them, but instant kills can also work if you can build up enough sun production. Plant an Ice-shroom when he fireballs, and put a Jalapeno in rows with iceballs. They can be used to buy premium buildings and decorations, buy premium/limited time plants or instantly build buildings. However, Zomboss' Lab and the final boss aren't affected by the Dynamic Difficulty. If you have $3000, buy the Roof Cleaner (the leftmost object at the top on the first page) - it gives you a last line of defense, akin to Lawn Mowers, and will give you money at the end of a level if unused. This level has a lot of graves, so bring Grave Busters to eat them... before they spawn zombies to EAT YOUR BRAINS! Zombonis do not appear until after the second wave, so stack your Spikeweeds on land and Tall-nuts in the pool, and you'll be set. Okay, bring your spanking-new Puff-shrooms for no-cost zombie win and some other low cost plants, such as Potato Mines or Peashooters. Newspaper Zombies also appear here, but Bucketheads and Pole Vaulters do not.