Frankston City Community Profile provides demographic information for the City and its suburbs based on results from the 2016, 2011, 2006, 2001, 1996 and 1991 Censuses of Population and Housing. To send a link to a friend or colleague, simply fill in and submit the form belowFrankston City Community Profile provides demographic information for the City and its suburbs based on results from the 2016, 2011, 2006, 2001, 1996 and 1991 Censuses of Population and Housing.Other results include ancestry, religion, income, qualifications, occupations, disadvantage, volunteering, childcare, family structure, housing tenure, mortgage and rental payments, and the size and type of the dwellings people live in.Frankston City population and household forecasts assesses what is driving population change in the area and forecasts how the age structure and household types will change as result. First during In the second half of the 20th century; the Frankston Frankston City Council's Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (Frankston PARC) is the largest health and aquatic recreation facility in Frankston and on the Mornington Peninsula.Monash Peninsula Activity and Recreation Centre (Monash PARC) is another large health and recreation facility, and the second largest in Frankston, which is owned by The suburb of Frankston also supports a number of community level clubs for Australian rules football is popular in the suburb, and is played at both a regional and state level. Area of Frankston is 129.00 km², in this year population density was 1 091.00 p/km² . Population of Frankston. The forecasts were last updated in September 2016. Gardner, Col (2001), Hartnett Pacific, Dream to Disaster, Australian Classic Car, December 2001, pp 74–78Staff Writer (6 July 2010). Forecasts are available for the Frankston City and small areas for each year from 2011 to 2036.Frankston City Social Atlas presents Census data in a series of thematic maps that show how particular population groups are distributed across the Frankston City.The thematic maps are created using data from the 2016 and 2011 Censuses of Population and Housing. Following his resignation as On 7 October 1954, a new 600-seat St. Francis Xavier's Roman Catholic Church was officially opened by Archbishop On 26 October 1957, St. Paul's Church of England was extensively damaged by fire, leaving only its sanctuary intact.On 19 October 1960, the eastern riding of the old Shire of Frankston and Hastings was incorporated as the Shire of Hastings, with the central riding becoming the Shire of Frankston.In 1969, poet Annie May (Nan) McClelland bequeathed the land known as Studio Park in the City of Frankston suburb of Following nearly a decade of campaigning by residents, in 1995, Frankston City Council opened a At the turn of the 3rd millennium, Frankston City Council prepared a comprehensive scheme to develop key zones on the Frankston The first stage of the scheme, named the Frankston Waterfront, was undertaken in the mid-2000s, and included: In 2007, Sand Sculpting Australia made the Frankston Waterfront the home of its annual The second stage of the foreshore development scheme was undertaken in the late-2000s, and included: construction of the new Frankston Life Saving Club house (north of the Frankston Waterfront), and the northern stretch of the Frankston Boardwalk foreshoreway (between the new Frankton Life Saving Club and existing Frankston Yacht Club houses).In 2014, Frankston City Council opened a A$49.7 million health and aquatic recreation centre located on the corner of Cranbourne Road and Olive Grove near the Frankston CBD.The third and final stage of the foreshore development scheme saw the construction of a new A$7.5 million Frankston Yacht Club house,The suburb of Frankston covers a large geographic area compared with other Melbourne suburbs.
Stonecats play in the regional Indoor and outdoor beach volleyball is also becoming increasingly popular in the suburb of Frankston. Backhouse, Gary; Bramwells, Hugh; Musker, Ron; Walker, Gidja; Lester, Karen (1999). 1464 Frankston School was classified as a "class 4" school (approximately 250 pupils) and had previously been expanded with an extension to the existing wooden school house in 1880.A new Anglican church building was opened on 5 February 1887.On 20 October 1893, the broader Frankston area along with the eastern Mornington Peninsula riding of the old At the beginning of World War I the Langwarrin Military Camp near Frankston was used to detain around 500 The Frankston Mechanics' Institute was expanded in 1915, with a 22 x 50 feet brick addition to its street frontage, at a cost of £529.On 17 February 1916, following a poll of residents, the Frankston Gas Company was granted permission by the shire's council to establish "electric light and power" across the Shire of Frankston and Hastings.Frankston's reputation as a holiday destination increased particularly after the In 1935, the Frankston area was chosen to host the first In 1946, J. R.W. However, it is not technically an island as the creek does not flow into the bay at any point other than its mouth near Frankston Beach. If you cannot access a PDF document on this page, contact Frankston Council on If you would like to be contacted in relation to your feedback please provide a method of contact such as phone number and/or email address Demographics Frankston City Community Profile 2016.
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