The top five actions were: use reusable bags (287), five-minute showers (270), use reusable water bottle (269), use reusable mug (265), and skip the straw (238), revealing to some extent the strength of feeling (and low barrier) of reducing single-use plastics.Other notable results include: 4,833 meatless meals consumed, 17,963 miles not travelled by car, 91,191 gallons of water saved, 6,588 plastic bottles not sent to landfill, and 40,484 pounds of carbon emissions saved.“It was great to see that some of the participants weren’t actually Trail Blazers fans in the sense that they don’t go to games all the time,” Chambers says. In 2010, it’s Rose Garden Arena (also known as the Moda Center) home became the first professional sports venue to achieve LEED Gold certification.Recycling bins are a consistent feature in the facility, while the team does its utmost to encourage those travelling to games to use public transit to reduce their negative environmental impact. NBA franchise encourages public to change behaviours around food choices, transport, energy consumption and waste managementOver the last decade, NBA franchise Portland Trail Blazers has carved out a reputation as one of the most sustainable professional sports teams in the growing US green sports landscape. “We hope people will continue these sustainable actions and integrate their fan experience into life in general.”Your email address will not be published. Of the 6,389 actions taken, 2,122 were related to waste management, 1,319 to food choices, 1,299 to water, 1,090 to energy consumption and 559 to transportation choices. Appreciation for Carmelo Anthony has run rampant through the Portland Trail Blazers' players, and for good reason.

A potential Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers matchup may happen if Lillard continues “During that time we spent a lot of time with the team, learning about what was important for them, such as: what actions did they want fans to take? Corporate partner Daimler North America, which already invests in the Trail Blazers’ sustainability programme (alongside Friends of Trees, the car manufacturer plants three trees for every three-pointer the team scores throughout the season), got involved in championing the project.Once the platform was built and tested, the Liver Greener Challenge started to be promoted.“We had a Live Greener Game on 3 April where we highlighted the challenge and encouraged folks to sign up,” says Chambers. "Our season is on the line … I’m not going to sleep well tonight knowing that I was just passive." So we just want to build this whole actual fund so we could then attack those lanes.”Anthony also established that he is dedicated to this cause, because it is his lived experience.“This conversation doesn’t just start and stop with me being a basketball player,” Anthony said. The Portland Trail Blazers are in a position to overtake the Memphis Grizzlies for the eighth seed in the playoffs. Those engaging regularly received credits, giving them the chance to win prizes, such as signed jerseys, balls and cards.Before the Live Green challenge began, Chambers had a target of 1,000 sign ups. “Making the connection between sustainability and our brand helped us appeal to new fans. The Blazers accomplished their goals during the seeding games; now they just need one more win for the playoffs. “The platform has developed a lot of challenges already for other organisations, as well as its own annual challenges, so we used a couple that had already been devised while creating a few specific to our organisation.” customised its platform template with the colours and fonts associated with the Trail Blazers, as well as a video incorporated on the homepage.

By Adrian Bernecich Aug 11, 2020, 9:03am PDT