Crimes that sex workers can report without the danger of being charged for sex work, as specified in SB 233, include domestic violence, … Organizations like The three tactics that they, and other advocacy groups, use for their goal is: w3 Standardised mortality rates for sex workers are six times those seen in the general population ... to enable policing to focus on protection rather than prosecution. "High Prevalence of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections among Indirect Sex Workers in Cambodia". For example, restrictions that would prevent those engaged in sex work from organizing collectively, or working in a safe environment, are not legitimate restrictions.The “Nordic model,” first introduced in Sweden, makes buying sex illegal, but does not prosecute the seller, the sex worker. 6. 4. In the UK, the club generally takes thirty percent commission.A survey undertaken by the Toronto city council in 2012 was for the purpose of informing a reconsideration of the regulations around licensing for strip club-based sex workers. They should also strengthen services for sex workers and ensure that they have safe working conditions and access to public benefits and social safety nets.Moreover, any regulations and controls on sex workers and their activities need to be nondiscriminatory and otherwise comply with international human rights law. Sex workers and the right to a fair labour practice. When an adult makes a decision of her, his, or their own free will to exchange sex for money, that is not sexual violence.When a sex worker is the victim of a crime, including sexual violence, the police should promptly investigate and refer suspects for prosecution. "Prostitution on Demand: Legalizing the Buyers as Sexual Customers". Sex workers will find it hard to protect themselves and their clients from HIV. Trafficking is an abhorrent human rights abuse. Criminalization may also force sex workers to work in unsafe locations to avoid the police.Criminalization consistently undermines sex workers’ ability to seek justice for crimes against them. This process is automatic. "Barriers to Health and Social Services for Street-Based Sex Workers". "The Social Construction of Sex Trafficking: Ideology and Institutionalization of a Moral Crusade". Our policy is not about the rights of buyers of sex. Undocumented Status of Some Commercial Sex Workers We acknowledge that the arrest of commercial sex workers has resulted in their isolation,

One major threat of violence is the risk that they may contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) due to their labor and context-dependent barriers that can be either structural (government) or individual (fear) in nature.A particular example of the disease threats sex workers are faced with can be demonstrated via a study conducted in Cambodia where the rate of HIV has increased. Here are five reasons why decriminalization is a crucial component of protecting the human rights of sex workers.

It concluded by explaining how disease prevention campaigns often target direct sex workers, such as those who work in a brothel, and neglect the women in other areas of sex work who are also at risk of contracting STIs.Trans women who are sex workers are at particular risk for HIV. Steven P., et al. 6. Legal recognition of sex workers and their occupation maximizes their protection, dignity, and equality. Nor is it news that they are an extremely marginalized group of people, frequently forced to live outside the law.
They are both serious human rights abuses and crimes and should always be investigated and prosecuted.Laws that clearly distinguish between sex work and crimes like human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children help protect both sex workers and crime victims.
The policy sends a clear message to the Canadian government: change this country’s sex work laws to abide by …