It can only be one man. I'm speaking directly into your mind through the wooonderful magic of psycho-kinesis.Okay fine, I'm typing out this page for you to read. The boss music for that level is also pretty memorable, as it is a remix of "Destruction Dance" (Waluigi's boss theme) from Super Mario DDR. :3 9 / 10 Mors This is the best game on MFGG. So there you go. His foot pokes out the back, covered in oil. However, Waluigi is able to grab the Rainbow Star and use it for 10-second invincibility, indicated by sparks flying from the star like it's a sparkler.

“Thank goodness… I was almost out of battery power. “There’s gotta be some kinda weakness on him!” However, you have forced my hand. Or rather… my legs.” Waluigi looks up and sees a disco ball slowly descend from the ceiling. The player can be broken out of control by hitting Waluigi. “Umm… soccer ball, no… eggplant, no… AH HA!” In this form, he's able to use Psycho Iris to fire lasers at the competition, and they can really hurt. Mettaton laughs. Waluigi doesn't approve of this plan very much.At the end of the game, it's revealed that a statue was erected in honor of Waluigi defeating Psycho Iris and saving Unconcia.Subverted.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the Dance/Death Battle.

He grins and jumps into the air. Made even better by Once Psycho Iris is freed, he fuses with Waluigi, creating the titular Psycho Waluigi. Mettaton destroys them both with his finger laser, leaving the stage clouded in smoke. Here he has the same gliding controls that winged characters like Pit and Charizard would have, except you can change direction during flight. Waluigi spits out a tooth and grabs Mettaton’s arm. “All right, darling. He holds on to a thorny, purple whip wrapped around a small pink heart. Mettaton laughs. Mettaton, seeing the immobile plumber try to escape, raises his leg and delivers an axe-like kick straight to Waluigi’s head, sending him through the floorboards. This process repeats multiple times, the two fighters countering the other perfectly to the beat of the music. Waluigi sweats and fumbles around his pockets, looking for something. WAHAHAHA!” I kept looking for castle themes!

10 / 10 Yoshiman52 In only sentence : I WANT THE SECOND PART OF PSYCHO WALUIGI ! Mettaton extends his arm to punch Waluigi, who dodges by bending 90 degrees backwards, forming this symbol on his hat. Waluigi rubs his eyes and looks at Mettaton.

“I think you dropped something, buddy!” Waluigi laughs. “Here, I’ll give it back!” Waluigi slaps Mettaton with his own arm a few times before delivering a punch to his face that knocks him back. Still, the character invades the series from time to time in the form of assist trophies and even alternate costumes for Luigi (and Mario). It manages to disable the move selected in a similar manner to how Mewtwo would do so in Melee.

You’re still kickin’, even with no legs left?” Waluigi says, mockingly. Waluigi pulls out a yellow backpack from his pocket and straps it to his back. Some of the bombs hit other bombs and cancel each other out. May 22, 2019. Waluigi laughs at Mettaton. “Y-You… You haven’t won yet!” Mettaton yells at the lanky plumber, who looks back at him over his shoulder. Destruction Dance - Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix - YouTube With a smirk, Waluigi shifts his weight onto his hands, kicking his legs up and wrapping them around Mettaton’s arm.

Snake: "Just like Psycho Mantis. What a totally unexpected surprise to see you up here!” He wheels backwards and gets into a battle pose. ... Destruction Dance. The two long-legged fighters rush at each other, feet first. The move selected has a limited number of uses as indicated by a meter that appears over the possessed player's head. Once Mettaton hits the ground, the chainsaw lodges itself into the floor.

May 22, 2019. Waluigi braces himself. I see we have a lot of brave volunteers! The crowd cheers even louder.
“Shall we begin our dance, darling?”

“Can I see a show of hands?” However, there would be a catch involved in this trick.

Waluigi wakes up on the battlefield, and jumps up to the sound of Psycho Iris' cry. “I will end this now!” One of you lucky fans out there will get a chance to come up on stage and dance side-by-side with yours truly!