Do share your thoughts about this last episode of Inkaar.Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. You’re always welcome.Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan ki story bilkul different thi us dramay ka is ke sath koi comparison hi nahi hei.

'Denial)') is a Pakistani television series, produced by Momina Duraid under their banner MD Productions. Momina Duraid Productions Presents Inkaar on HUM TV._______________________________________________________Prime Minister Imran Khan’s important policy statement after Pulwama attack I am glad you liked the ending.Fatima the reason that u find it hard that Rehaan is freed from jail is because we were not expecting his mother to say that because right from the start she didn’t take Rehaan’s side so we expected her to except whatever jail sentence that was agreedAlso because the writer took inspiration from Khadija’s case which ended in a completely different manner in real life. Zafri Khan Iftikhar Thakur and Nasir Chinyoti Pakistani Stage Drama Comedy Clip 2018 | Pk Mast - Duration: 12:19. From the review its not clear whether hajra ended with Shayan or not?Hi Fatima! Jangei krna chor di hei meinay, aman pasand ho gaye hu LOL!! Infact such people should be given therapies or should be treated in prison so once their punishment ends they come out as nice people…True! Good luck to the mom though LOL!!

It was a complete ending with no plot holes and everything was conveyed beautifully.

I also enjoyed watching Shayan’s growth as an individual. Once an energetic and ... Acha tu Gullu badshah ne qatal kiye tu us ka qatal maaf hei phr tu us ko bhi maaf kr dena chahyeh tha jese Rehan ko kr diya.

A mother can only do so much, such people need professional help apart from getting punishment for their crime.Totally agreed. In this last and second last episode too, everything was covered in detail. Khush raheiHam 6 saalo se apkai reviews follow kartai hain ..bus hamari pehli jang e azeem “kankar ” kai doraan huwi thi aap bht ghussa karti thi ..But apki tabiyat mai bht tehraao aa gaya hai ..apki last reply dhaik kar mujhai bht bht bht acha laga ..thanks alot ..Hahaha really, mazay ki baat hei yeh tu.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful. I would have loved to see Rehan behind bars, begging for an apology but that was not meant to be. But this culture of forgiving in the end should stop! I liked every bit of it.

It's one of the most interesting triangle stories written in the backdrop of fuedalism, politics and power, the vices that plague the social fabric of Pakistan and one girl's struggle to stand up against it despite her middle class social status.
43:22. Everyone did a commendable job. How our sexual urges are way more disturbing us than regular day to day problems… Anyways i am drifting off from the real topicI think he still should not have been forgiven. Commenting on something for the first time in my life! Just 4 years or max 7 years and they are nothing. The role Shayan’s father played was definitely pleasing but wasn’t he the one who got Gullu Badshah killed?

Also, people like Rehan don’t need maa ki goud, they need to be punished and then perhaps professional help. Ishq Zahe Naseeb talks about split personality disorder Was this review helpful to you? us ko bhi maa ki goud chahyeh ho gi haha.Gender issues are real issues, lots of dramas in which women were severely punishment and men were forgiven. The whole journey for seeking justice was shown amazingly unlike cheekh… Inkaar has been one amazing drama and hope for people out there that there is delay but you will get justice…journey is going to be difficult but it is going to be worth waiting for…But overall the drama had been great!

They say na “sari mehnat pe pani pher dia”.LolHi Fatima, this is second time- I am commenting on this drama on your website.It was a hell for Hajra even in both cases, if he was freed or jailed and returned after seven years of imprisonment, I agree on this with many commentators above.What I didn’t like, that to get justice in Pakistan- you need people like Murtaza Malik behind you to reach to the finale!Whatever happened to him to realise his mistakes, but that didn’t go well to conclude that commoners will get justice, if you are battling all by yourself.This battle is not over yet, this is not a true justice – we were not served justice, as only Politician got his punishment, but not anyone else in this whole battle!If they could have decided a house arrest of Rehan in his mom’s place, would at least give us something to cheers for.Anyway, was not easy to get justice in Pakistan already!
I felt really dissapointed with this ending! Such individuals deserve pity therefore it does make some sense that he was forgiven by Hajra in the end.قلمکار معاشرتی سچائیوں کو گہرائی کے ساتھ دیکھتا اور محسوس کرتا ہے ، اس میں کوئی شک نہیں کہ ہماری جیلیں مجرم کو سزا کے دوران انسان نہیں بناتیں بلکہ انھیں ایک ظالم انسان بنا کر باہر کی دنیا میں بھیج دیتی ہیں ریحان کی تربیت قصوروار دکھائی گئی اسی لیے اسے تربیت کے لیے ماں کے پاس بھیج دیا گیا ، سات سال کے بعد وہ بہت ساری حاجراؤں کا دشمن ہوتا اور یہ انتقامی کارروائی چلتی ہی رہتی ، معاف کرنے کے پیچھے بھی یہ ہی ریزن ہوتا ہے کہ ہمارے ہاں مجرم کا سدھار نہیں ہوتا اور پھر اس طرح کی لڑائیوں میں انسان ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ نفرت پر ساری مثبت توانائیاں صرف کر دیتا ہے جس کا نقصان پوری نسل کو ہوتا ہے ، میں ذاتی طور پر ایسے حالات سے گزر چکی ہوں اور میں جانتی ہوں اس ایک ایک دن کی تکلیف اور ڈیپریشن اس لیے یہ جو ریلیف حاجرہ ریحان کو دیا خود کو دیا یہ بہت ساروں کے قابل قبول نہ بھی ہو تب بھی ہمارے جیسے معاشروں میں یہ قابل عمل ہے اور اس کی بنیاد پر ہم ایک اچھے پر امن معاشرے کی امید کر سکتے ہیں

What an amazing father he was. Buhat shukriya, mjhe acha laga ke aap ko meri baat pasand aye.