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RP The Cubs don't sound like they're completely ready to give up on Craig Kimbrel, which is why you shouldn't get too comfortable with his presumed replacement, Rowan Wick, who leads the team with two saves so far. Team Batting Stats 6-keys: media/fantasynews/mlb/reg/free/stories RP RP The Corey Knebel threat never materialized, and so far, the game's best reliever has been used as traditionally as can be, his appearances all coming in the ninth. I agree that CBS Sports can send me the "Fantasy Baseball Today Newsletter" newsletter. Arizona STL Austin Adams has been slow to recover from knee surgery and Yoshihisa Hirano from COVID-19. Cincinnati Reds. Play Now Of course, both of those saves came while bailing out someone else in the ninth, and we know the Rays would prefer not to have a dedicated closer. Will Smith is back after his bout with COVID-19, but Mark Melancon so far hasn't invited any trouble, picking up where he left off in the second half last year.


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COL Pitching: The Tigers haven't begun their spiral yet, making Joe Jimenez appear more useful than he probably will be, especially since he's once again looking hittable.



Manager Rocco Baldelli has shown a willingness to defy convention, turning to Sergio Romo for two saves already and even having Taylor Rogers pitch the eighth inning of a tie game recently.

Whether declared or undeclared, the With all the turnover that has already happened and continues to happen, now seems like an appropriate time to survey the entire closer landscape, summing up where things stand for all 30 teams. Team Pitching Stats

Manager Mike Matheny, apparently hearing the criticism of his bullpen management during his stint with the Cardinals, has been as progressive as anyone with regard to roles so far, but Trevor Rosenthal may finally be settling into the ninth-inning spot now, his fastball back up to triple digits and his control looking improved, for the most part.