The Boston crime family was founded in 1916 by Gaspare Messina. New England Mafia / Patriarca crime family chart 2011Anthony DiNunzio became the "acting boss" in late 2009, after boss Peter Limone was arrested. Nov 1, 1917 - March 1973 Patriarca Family Generation also known as The Greatest Generation. May 2, 1930 - Apr 3, 2009 Before prohibition began two separate Mafia families emerged in New England, one based in Boston, Massachusetts and the other based in Providence, Rhode Island. ADVERTISEMENT AT&T lost 70% of its book value due to this move. The National Commission approved Patriarca, Jr.'s ascendancy to leadership and his position was confirmed. your own Pins on Pinterest Spagnolo took over as acting boss after Anthony DiNunzio was arrested back in 2012. In 1978, After Patriarca's death, the New England Mafia began a long period of decline, resulting from both legal prosecution and internal violence. Raymond Patriarca was born in Massachusetts. Dec 14, 1914 - November 1986 1916–1924: Gaspare Messina – boss of the "Boston family", stepped down, died in 1957. There were rumors of foul play (some thought that his wife had poisoned him because of his affairs) but no evidence has ever been found.when he was 51 years old, on August 8th, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States. Generation also known as The Greatest Generation. Jun 25, 1930 - Jun 1, 1990 Matthew "Goodlooking Matty" Guglielmetti of Cranston is said to have replaced Dinunzio as Underboss, running the Providence-faction of the family. The initials "G.I." From reuniting lost or 'orphan' antique photos with their families, seeing the faces of your biological family for the first time, to connecting unknown and lost family members together. Mar 20, 1931 - Oct 22, 2009 In early 2001, Salemme agreed to testify against Flemmi and Bulger.The New England crime family is estimated to have about 60 made members controlling influence in the New England area, especially in the cities of Boston and Providence. heard about him. Zannino was made The death of Grasso weakened Patriarca, Jr.'s position. BY ANCESTRY.COM Raymond Patriarca was born in 1900s. Less than three months after his release he was murdered in San Francisco by Joseph "J. R." Russo on February 11, 1976.Patriarca was plagued by law enforcement for the rest of his life, and was charged numerous times for a variety of crimes until his death in 1984. 1917–1932: Frank "Butsey" Morelli – boss of the "Providence family", stepped down, became underboss. On September 13, 2012, DiNunzio pleaded guilty to shaking down Rhode Island strip clubs, and was sentenced to six years on November 14, 2012.On October 2, 2014 acting boss Antonio L. "Spucky" Spagnolo, 72, and reputed made man Pryce "Stretch" Quintina, 74, were arrested for allegedly extorting thousands of dollars in protection payments from a video poker machine company which installed machines for illegal gambling in bars and social clubs. The Pugliano family has owned and operated a restaurant in Hampden, just outside Springfield, Massachusetts, since 1934. Did Raymond finish grade school, get a GED, go to high school, get a college degree or masters?