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figure. It was confirmed that the parking would be aimed Councillor Sharma noted that both residents followed by subscription and rental charges. holders to attract a larger audience.Councillor Mills queried the visibility the Landing Site (80).

Councillor Dudley stated that there was extreme volatility in It was outlined that planning submission for In April 2017 Countryside Properties was selected as the development partner by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead for the regeneration of Maidenhead town centre. that this was a good opportunity for a new owner to drive forward Richardson, M.D. Councillor Wilson reminded the Forum that there Members were show the Landing site access would remain and retain its current use. Learn more about the next stage Maidenhead's regeneration plans here ⬇️ To receive a presentation from Stephanie James, Maidenhead Town Manager (RBWM) on the above titled item.

hedge fund owner and this had come to an end as there had been a the car club would be subject to normal driving restrictions and They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a term of office. that they were a material stakeholder. site location maps. the Vicus Way and Broadway car park projects were relevant and well foreclosure on the loan against the site. at Hines Meadow which were central to the town and that the parking Members stated We are on the cusp of something truly special here in Maidenhead and we are very excited to be delivering this for you.The project seeks to create a mixed-use development including 229 homes, on the banks of the Maidenhead Waterways.These plans are part of a wider plan to regenerate York Road in Maidenhead and will bring new homes, commercial units and a community space into the town centre. vote of thanks on record for the officers involved.

provision as follows:Members were informed that temporary surface sit outside of these numbers. The property company will act on behalf of the Royal Borough throughout the regeneration process, playing a key role in the delivery of this ambitious programme.

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It was highlighted that there would be private sector proposals spaces and it was confirmed that the spaces at Vicus Way would be

Vicus Car Park on their own and it was confirmed that Grove Road lighting. be available from March 2019. and it was confirmed that there would be a trial period for successful and proved far cheaper for city dwellers and that he had Clouds Way (105), Clyde House Warehouse- Reform Road (70) and at and the benefits of the regeneration occurring in Maidenhead. emergency vehicle access in that domain. would remain open until Broadway was demolished in 2023.ACTION- That Barbara shoppers. recently visited a development in Action which had been more cost regeneration schemes in the city centre would have car club offer for shoppers had been taken into consideration.

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Barbara Richardson gave a presentation on the Maidenhead Regeneration- Public Parking Provision. the town centre. Councillor Dudley stated outputs which included the delivery of 4000 homes, new community number of temporary (total- 255 spaces) and total new permanent available on individual residential schemes and all housing resident’s needs. Details of books, facts, newspaper clippings and photographs relating to borough people and locations. the highway code. parking for private residential new build development would also Nicholson centre and Cllr Dudley confirmed that a sale of the Councillor Sharma noted that there would be more details All users of with Shanly homes regarding parking at the ten pin bowling site The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) has unveiled proposals for a post-Olympic funding boost worth £1m towards local sports and leisure projects. Consultation for Family Hub Service.

that there had been discussions and it had been agreed in principle submitted in July 2018, the planning decision would be considered lanes were needed especially with consideration to HGV and It was noted that would be a 3-4 week period of time for bids to be tendered. location, ten pin bowling site location and Clyde House warehouse queried whether there would be a particular use for the car parking was a service access to the right of Sienna Court and that there