A young man whose parents became casualties of war. Myuria should definitely be the supporting character on the team, using her to boost other’s stats and using her healing powers. When things get shaky, switch to be in control of her and keep healing as everyone is dealing damage, this is the best way to use her when coming to terms with a strong boss.When paired with his best weapon the Quake scythe, he is the heaviest hitter out of all the characters. Is it worth a watch? You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. As a magic weilder, young archivist Chakuro knows his life will be short, but everything changes when a mysterious girl from the outside arrives on his island. Last Hope, also named Unit Pandora (Chinese: 重神机潘多拉; Japanese: 重神機パンドーラ), … With Robbie Daymond, Johnny Yong Bosch, Beau Billingslea, Xanthe Huynh. Epic battle scenes lacking majorly. The cast of Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a motley bunch, and learning the subtleties of each character will be a real advantage in the long run. In this anime series, scientists hope "new humans" will create universal peace, but they're kidnapped by an evil group with very different plans. This quick-thinking, … His long-time friend and rival, Crowe Almedio, captains her sister ship, the Aquila. A girl with secrets in her past.

She is a balanced fighter that can use a far ranged weapon in the form of a bow. a list of 118 titles

All Rights Reserved. He also has some of the best damage dealing moves like bloodstorm revolution and dragon roar. The best skills to use with her are definitely savage sparrows which can be found in a skill manual at the end of the first bonus dungeon, and hunter’s moon, which can cause damage with a set of ten hits. This category lists the characters from The Last Hope in the Omen of the Stars Arc of Warriors. Also known as the Iselia Queen. is the fourth installment of the Star Ocean main series, initially released for the Xbox 360. PlayStation 4 & Steam*(4K & Full HD Remaster) January 18, 2018 Ratings CERO: B (12+) ESRB: Teen (T) PEGI: 12+ OFLC: PG Platform Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC Star Ocean: The Last Hope (スターオーシャン4ザラストホープ, Sutā Ōshan Fō Za Rasuto Hōpu?) Bacchus D-79 is one of the main characters in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Category for characters. A rapid biological evolution, similar to "Cambrian Explosion," is caused by one incident. Of the 104300 characters on Anime Characters Database, 13 are from the anime Last Hope. Not only does he give good attacks, but he can use some symbology as well as like terra hammer and explosion which can cause big damage to certain enemies. Edge Maverick: A young member of the Space Reconnaissance Force, Edge is chosen to serve aboard the USTA interstellar spaceship, Calnus. Star Ocean: The Last Hope Characters .

He willingly converted his real body into a cyborg in order to handle higher thoughts and complex calculations in his work. Edge Maverick JP name: Edge Marverick Sex: Male Age: 20 Race: Earthling Weapon: Sword Voice Actor: Kishio Daisuke (JP); Matthew Mercer (EN) An honest young man with a strong sense of justice and responsibility.

Stack on strength stats to it and use skills like raging strike, scintillant stream, and mystic cross. This quick-thinking, capable soldier wields a laser sword in each hand. Very slow based. Action Girl: Like Edge, she is a soldier. An optional boss in many of tri-Ace's games. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other