Went here for a quick lunch. When we arrived, the restaurant was very busy.

Mon - Sat 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM. I asked to speak to the manager and I ended up just speaking with one of the assistant managers who told me there was nothing they could do. It was as bad as I remember. We are from Hawaii and are very familiar with "local" food and Red Bento hit the spot.Dining solo - so placed an order to-go to take back to hotel. No apologies, no discount, very disappointed. They weren't busy during the time we went.

I told her I would not be coming back and would make sure none of my friends do either and she acted like she didn't care at all and pretty much laughed at me on the phone.Excellent food quality and extremely fast prep. However, within the last month I've been pretty grossed out by my food when it came out cold and seemed barely cooked. Portions are quite large depending on the dish, meaning you'll either finish completely sated or with delicious food to take home. I told the girl who answered the phone that I had food poisoning from their food and she acted not surprised and like it was not a big deal at all. I ordered the chicken fried rice that I've had many times. We were not expecting much since Asian restaurants in small towns like Pullman are meh; however, the sashimi (Samurai - 15 pcs of sashimi w/ 3 pcs of 5 different fish) was actually not bad and the Bibimbap was actually better than some Korean restaurants in the Seattle area where we're from. She was pretty rude to me and acted as if I didn't have food poisoning and that it "takes 4-24 hours after eating so I couldn't have gotten it from them".

I have never ordered something that I was not pleased with and would not hesitate to recommend it to someone else. Red Bento Delivery in Pullman - Delivery Menu - DoorDash Thank You

Portions are large, prices are reasonable. Food was very good...Tiffany loves sushi, i hate them Been here two hours, still don't have my food. Service was fast and the food tasty. I definitely plan on going back!

After throwing up for hours I finally got it all out and was done. Order online and track your order live.

Will definitely return.The Red Bento in Pullman very good and affordable! The sushi is overpriced and the tuna most likely pre-frozen.

Pullman A&Y cuisine is Pullman's only Indian restaurant. It's not worth spending a lot of money on mediocre Asian food. I had the chicken teriyaki special that included a miso soup, and a whole California roll. Haven't been here in a while, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. My last visit to Red Bento assured that I will NEVER go back. It also serves sushi, which is not easy to find in this area.Yeahhhhh, so this tasted pretty bland to me. Find more Chinese Restaurants near Red Bento - PullmanFind more Japanese Restaurants near Red Bento - Pullman The service was great, in fact the server there was super good at his job and he was pretty genuine. My friends and I ordered sushi to pick up from the restaurant. Thinking I would be leaving sushi behind, I discovered Red Bento! Face Mask required for Carryout and Dine-in. I woke up this morning feeling completely fine which shows I am definitely not sick with the flu or anything.

The unagi (eel) is overpriced for overcooked eel. I used to go to Red Bento all the time with my friends. DUpdate: awesome place, recently tried the Garlic Garden Thai stir fry menu, and it was savagely delicious! I was throwing up all night long and when I tried to eat some bread to help my stomach I threw it up immediately. I've been to other Red Bentos and been happy, but I will never come back here!If we can discover water on Mars, how come we can't find decent Japanese (Chinese, Korean, insert Asian country) food in Pullman, WA?First time I went it was during their opening month and the food and service was horrible.

The food was delicious and plenty of it. It also serves sushi, which is not easy to … No delivery fee on your first order.

Called red bento to let them know that I had bit into the fecal matter of a shrimp and was told that the shrimp come that way and "That's how they come and that's how we serve it". Great, friendly customer service. The Red Bento is a series of Asian-fusion restaurants located in the Palouse/Lewis-Clark area. I would recommend this to other friends & we’ll be back for sure.WE asked at Our Hotel a good take out for stir fry, We ordered a meat and vegetarian stir fry both expensive, veggies were raw, really bad taste of salt whuch we figured was msg, upset tummies all night and terrible thirst.I have been to Red Bento many times and have very little criticism. Kindly reminded them that it's a health concern as it's fecal matter and was met with the response, "Not that we're aware of.

Quick, easy sushi Just moved to Pullman from Cali for the first time, where sushi is nothing more than a regular thing to eat.

It is at a convenient location in town-- in the heart of Pullman...This was our first stop when coming to Pullman and I really enjoyed it. Next time I will try another Korean dish just to see if the Korean food is authentic / good like their bibimbap.

Please keep up the great work!! Pullman Red Bento WE ARE OPEN FOR DINE IN!

Still, I find that they offer better service than most Subway Restaurants and have never had a long line. Atmosphere is awesome! The sushi menu caters to people who love sushi, and to people who prefer cooked seafood. 107 reviews of Red Bento - Pullman "Red Bento is a local small chain that serves a variety of Asian food, not just Japanese as the name suggests. They were so unprofessional and offer terrible customer service.