We dont touch credit cards, see them, know the numbers, know what credit card you use, or process the payment, we have absolutely nothing to do with payment. If you have a problem with a taxi or taxi driver's behaviour, or you believe a vehicle to be unlicensed, report it immediately.

He was a Black man and his car was a Red Volt and the license plates are 8CFV188.
Information about the driver app, payouts, ride-related issues, etc. Once their rating drops to a 4.6 DMV csn take their license away. Leave Your Driver a Review. Some drivers are ridiculous and others know nothing about customer service. One a few days after joining and the other 2 months after joining. Riders are protected most of the time drivers have no protection at all. Just people in general can be so mean and negative. Hope that fixes your issue.

Victor Fong - March 25, 2020. His loss 3 min ride 3.57 but a 7.00 cash tip all because he chose to be a jerk. i have more than R17000 with Taxify I think it's time I go the legal route. Maybe you're another peace of crap that treats drivers like they are your property, hurts their feelings, litters in their car and then expects to get out of it clean and forgotten???
If he is bragging he is probably lying about also. If you are a pedestrian thst witnesses an Uber driver doing something wrong take down their license plate and send message to Uber they can find who the driver is by the license plate. The 30-year-old man was shot in an apparent hit after responding to a transport request in Nyanga on Saturday. He probably ended up taking the full route while not changing it in his system just to Charge me for a route I didn’t take. so then the uber driver kept driving close to me bumper to bumper acting like she was purposely trying to hit.I’m like at the end hit me and will see how this goes so I let who ever was driving pass me and I got behind their ass so who ever she was with  both were flicking me off so I put my high beam headlights on them and plus took a picture with their plate number and car model Chevy Cruze BG 28613. I can hear the notification my riders phones when I end the trip. In some cases, the driver may not even be aware of the problem, so leaving a review helps them (and Uber) become aware of it.When you rate your Uber driver, you have the option to leave anything from 1 to 5 stars. He didn’t edit it into the system. For all issues that are less urgent or serious, you can email Lyft or make note of the problem in your driver review.To learn how to call the Lyft safety team, check out our guide to the Moving on from issues of safety, we come to a problem that can occur after certain Uber rides. If she is not using app and people are giving her money to drive they are wrong then also. Tells me to mind my own FU____business. Then, select what you need help with.For disputing a charge, first select “I’m a passenger”:Next, pick the issue that describes your situation.If none of these describe your issue, you can select “Other charges”:Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll have the chance to provide a more detailed description:Someone from the Lyft support team will then get back to you to help you further.If you’d prefer to dispute a charge directly within the Lyft app, that’s also an option.To start, open the Lyft app and access the menu. Choose the ride Tap the Call button. Be sure to do this — the more detailed the driver feedback you can provide, the more Uber (and the driver) can do to improve.Of course, there are some situations where leaving a bad review isn’t enough. For the most serious safety issues, you’ll want to contact Uber by phone (see the next section).Contacting Uber via email is a good approach when a driver does something that’s bad but doesn’t threaten your safety. Language  was so harsh.