We are pleased with the delivery time and quality of product. Walnut…”“Love the lunch special pizza and salad combo.

They were super busy but the lady on the phone was very nice and accommodating. Your nearby Taco Bell® restaurant in Glendale, AZ is open late so you can find all of your favorite Mexican inspired restaurant options throughout the … This was during the week, so not really busy with only a handful of tables occupied. Dressing Choice (Extra charge applicable): Balsamic Vinaigrette (+280 cal), Bleu Cheese Dressing (+400 cal), Caesar Dressing (+470 cal) Esperanza (+440 cal), Herb Vinaigrette (+420 cal), Ranch (+410 cal).Anchovies (+50 cal), Avocado (+20 cal), Bacon (+160 cal), Chicken (+50 cal), Chicken - BBQ (+90 cal), Chicken - Buffalo (+100 cal), Chicken - Jerk (+90 cal), Chicken - Pesto (+110 cal), Chicken - Teriyaki (+90 cal), Genoa Salami (+110 cal), Ham (+90 cal), Italian Sausage (+10 cal), Meatballs (+50 cal), Pepperoni (+130 cal), Steak (+140 cal), Steak - BBQ (+150 cal), Steak - Buffalo (+140 cal), Steak - Herb (+160 cal), Steak - Jerk (+85 cal), Steak - Pesto (+150 cal), Steak - Teriyaki (+130 cal), Tempeh (+150 cal), Tempeh - BBQ (+130 cal), Tempeh - Buffalo (+140 cal), Tempeh - Herb (+150 cal), Tempeh - Jerk (+110 cal), Tempeh - Pesto (+130 cal), Tempeh Teriyaki (+150 cal), Tofu (+50 cal), Tofu - BBQ (+50 cal), Tofu - Buffalo (+70 cal), Tofu - Herb (+80 cal), Tofu - Jerk (+50 cal), Tofu - Pesto (+80 cal).Artichoke Hearts (+0 cal), Banana Peppers (+0 cal), Black Olives (+20 cal), Caramelized Onions (+5 cal), Croutons (+100-150 cal), Cucumbers (+0 cal), Diced Apples (+10 cal), Dried Cherries (+75 cal), Fresh Basil (+0 cal), Green Olives (+20 cal), Green Peppers (+0 cal), Jalapeños (+5 cal), Kalamata Olives (+40 cal), Mushrooms (+0 cal), Onions (+5 cal), Pepperoncinis (+10 cal), Pineapple (+10 cal), Portobello Mushrooms (+0 cal), Roasted Mushroom Trio (+25 cal), Roasted Red Peppers (+0 cal), Roma Tomatoes (+0 cal), Spinach (+10 cal), Sun-dried Roasted Tomatoes (+45 cal).Bleu Cheese Crumbles (+80 cal), Cheddar (+60 cal), Daiya Vegan Cheese (+80 cal), Feta Cheese (+80 cal), Fresh Mozzarella (+70 cal), MontAmore (+120 cal), Mozzarella (+70 cal), Provolone (+50 cal), Shaved Parmesan (+50 cal), Swiss (+150 cal).All pizzas are served as large - 8 slices, medium - 6 slices, small - 4 slices. Unless otherwise requested, hamburgers are cooked to an internal temperature of 155°. We went tonight and it was a busy Friday night just like it was before Covid ever happened! About Search Results . Started with the deviled eggs appetizer. Right now, buy $100 gift card, get $120 value on card! Everything was made fresh, and tasted delicious. True Food Kitchen. fountain drink served over ice, except for the gallon of tea. great steaks great service. We get takeout a couple times a month. Grab and go. But this location needs to improve. of 100% choice, all-natural black Angus beef, USDA-certified from family-owned and operated Harris Ranch.

Online ordering was a breeze. Size Choice: Whole (910 cal), Half (460 cal).8 oz. I have literally run out of Italian restaurants to try in Scottsdale. Restaurants In Happy Valley in Phoenix, AZ CCPA. Wonderful experience all around!”“First time at a restaurant since they closed in March due to Covid19 and I was super impressed with Angry Crab (Happy Valley location)! Finished with a pesto swirl. Size Choice: Large (350 cal), Medium (320 cal), Small (270 cal).Mellow red sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni on Mellow's crust, buttered and sprinkled with Parmesan.
Please come check this place out when they open back up!!

I love this place so much that I own stock. We are beyond wowed by our take out experience! We live in the more south part of town, but this is the place we can come for…”“I came in with a party of 9 last night to celebrate my wife's birthday. Friendly and social atmosphere. Sort: Recommended. Then we decided on this little restaurant, and that was the right decision!! Customize each half of your pie with a choice from our specialty pies or build your own creation. Size Choice: Lil' (310 cal), Regular (620 cal).Spring mix and romaine with roma tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and onions topped with shaved parmesan. Choose from hot, mild, BBQ, jerk, sweet Thai chili or naked.