The Kubota RK Series features a range of horizontal, water-cooled, four cycle diesel engines suited to a … Description. In the late 1980’s, The Finnish Defense Forces started a project to improve the RK 62 assault rifle’s firing features and rate of fire. Shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the total value of your shopping cart.Orders placed before 1 pm (Eastern European Time)will be shipped out on the same business day. The Kubota RK95 is a horizontal, water-cooled, four cycle diesel engine with a capacity of 9.5HP at 2400RPM, providing a rugged and reliable power solution for a wide variety of applications. To make sure the warranty of your gun is valid, you may use Are you not sure which battery fits in your gun? The pistol grip, front handguard, magazine and the folding stock coating are plastic. Thus, this gun is familiar to all Finns who have completed their general conscription or voluntary military service.The RK 95 TP airsoft version originated when G&G asked airsoft players which gun model they would like to see in airsoft next. The receiver cover, folding stock, trigger guard and magazine release, selector switch, gas tube, front retainers, gas block adjustment lever, rear sight’s diopter part and flash suppressor are made of steel. The velocity is measured with a 0.20 g BB and the final muzzle velocity is calculated from the average of five (5) shots. You can track your order with the tracking number found in the order confirmation email.In the late 1980’s, The Finnish Defense Forces started a project to improve the RK 62 assault rifle’s firing features and rate of fire. Product Range: Tractors, TLB's, Excavators, Zero Turn Mowers, Engines and RTV's. Check the nickel battery compatibility table in The functionality of all our guns is tested and the muzzle velocity measured before shipping. The players voted for the Finnish assault rifle as number one choice and so G&G ended up making it under the gun model name GK99. Tradesoft Special Edition is delivered with special handguards: supporting walls have been removed and battery compartment can handle much larger batteries! For operation in low-level lighting conditions the rifle uses subdued self-luminous Additionally the rifle can be adapted to use various optical sights (i.e. Thus, the actual muzzle velocity of your gun may differ from the approximation upwards or downwards. Please take into account that orders are normally not transported on holidays and weekends. The pneumatic blowback is neat, because it doesn’t cause any extra resistance for the gears and the motor, like mechanical blowbacks do. On the inside, there is a G&G version 3 gearbox, which has a pneumatic blowback. Video Transcription Hey Gang, here today I have a very rare semiautomatic version of a finished Army assault rifle. CALL 07 3073 8161 Title: KUBOTA RK95: Make: KUBOTA: Price: POA : Listing Type: New: Stock Number: RK95: Refcode: TA498587: Kubota RK95 single cylinder diesel engine 8hp continuous at 2200rpm, manual start. The rifle was developed in the late 1980s in response to a requirement to replace the 7.62mm The cocking handle itself was placed at an upward angle (enhancing left-handed reloading), the rear sight assembly was installed on a sliding tangent with 150 and 300 m range adjustmentsSome advertisements released in Finland in the 1990s suggested that SAKO was going to produce the Two prototypes were developed by SAKO, known as the RK 92, were delivered to the FDF for combat trials.After undergoing further testing and implementing several changes (among them, the selector mechanism was reverted to the familiar RK 62 configuration) the rifle was introduced into service with the Prior to the adoption of the RK 95, several Chinese and East German-based AKs were purchased by Finland to easily arm mobilized Finnish soldiers in the 90s.In 2015, the RK 95 is supplemented by the FN SCAR-L, which is used by Finnish special forces units.The weapon's spring extractor is installed inside the bolt head and enclosed in one of the locking lugs while the ejector is a fixed protrusion of the internal bolt carrier guide rail. 11.1V Crane Type LiPos fit with ease, but as stock we recommend 7.4V batteries, for example Battery Ram 7.4V To “Ninetyfivers” sourced from other places than Tradesoft that have regular hand guards can take Battery and charger are not included with this gun. In the new model, the gun’s recoil has been decreased with a muzzle break and it is more easily handled when using automatic fire.