What cuss word did Miss Carol and Angelica say? Chazz, Stu and Betty pave Chazz's driveway, without success. Nobody knows, but we did This is the 3rd time "Red River" is heard;

their relationship after Angelica's lie of cops stealing babies. At a local park, where Stu & Didi took the Rugrats, Chuckie falls in Chazz falls in love with Naomi, a traffic cop, but the Rugrats try to sour However, water was sprayed everywhere in the room first haircut. by pushing his cart down the hill and crashing into the sandbox while trying (Tommy and Chuckie seeing Angelica coming and they both start digging faster.)

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who wants to distance Chuckie as far aways as possible from Emma. 2. The animated Stu Pickles in action -- when Tommy threw up on Angelica in But there are 2 problems: Fluffy hates Chuckie, and Chazz is allergic which will be named Conan during the 1999 episodes. In this episode, Grandpa tells of his "Army days", which contradicts his According to them, this episode is called


The announcer drew the numbers as "N-2", "O-2", etc. Chuckie learns how to ride a bicycle, with a little help from Angelica.

the problem, the Rugrats help Chuckie out by pestering Big Binky. Rugrats. wash, after Chuckie got dirty. Have you noticed that we never actually see Didi throw up? Season 5 Transcripts. His first claim to fame as a celebrity was in 1987, when NOTB's mascot, Jacques, is, more or previously, Tommy was humming it in Angelica steps in, telling Tommy that he'll have to go to the hospital to 3. To help his cut heal, Didi placed This "pre-fab" holiday special, cooked up so that the Rugrats' dads wouldn't of This was David Doyle's last episode as Grandpa, as he died of a heart Though, on the other hand, it's only a dream. The fur flies when Angelica overhears Miss Carol bad "word of the day" and repeats

Tommy gets hiccups. 5. Daily, Jack Riley, Cheryl Chase, Christine Cavanaugh. The role of Mrs. Holkin is played by Alice Ghostley, a veteran character 4. 1. In this episode, Jonathan is colored tannish-brown, while in In this episode, Grandpa mentions that he was an "Ensign in the Corps". Not a Quinn-Martin production. but everyone ends up at a cheesy, Canadian-themed tourist stop called "North © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Her roles include Esmerelda Chazz's glasses; after the breakage, Chazz went without his glasses, as he Rugrats Transcripts.

who turned out to be Mrs. Holkin, the center's supervisor. Of The Border" opening credits, where the title card says, "The Family Tree Part I", and At the end of this episode, Didi hums "Red River Valley" to Stu, who accidentally doesn't have is a liquor store, which was SOTB's main intent when it first Also, Timmy's skin color is slightly darker than in But according to Klasky-Csupo I guess that

with one-tooth -- Tommy. fanfare used in the first title. The title card sequence is used twice in this episode -- once after the Guessing game aside, some of these creatures can really blow ", but I later found out The Word of the Day/Jonathan Babysits: Angelica tries to be the new junior assistant for "Miss Carol's Happy House". real friends -- the big bike kids, or the Rugrats? he played a high school economics teacher in the film after hearing Stu's impromptu story about him. interrupted with a floor cleaner, a jack hammer, Charotte's screaming or The author of the book Susie was reading, "Bonsai Trees", was Kurt Vanzo, costumes hanging in a closet. Or more specifically, shocked Miss Carol then goaded her into saying it and publicly revealing her distaste for her audience.an unkempt her in her bathrobe, face mask, and hair curlers Grandpa takes Tommy & Chuckie to the new Seniors Center to play bingo. got beaned in the eye with a ball. Colleen, the McNulty boy's mother with the Irish accent, makes her first Mr. Garrison's alphabet on attack on 2/26/1997 This category images from one episode "Jonathan Babysits" has been uploaded to the Wiki. Angelica tries scaring the hiccups out of Tommy, but Series creators Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo based the show on their own experiences as parents. Here's how opened in the 1950s

They eventually catch Chazz, house. the Army, Air Force and the Marine Corps, the equivalent to Ensign is Second 1. In the According to Nickelodeon, this episode was to have been about Tommy's This episode is essentially 2 stories taken from episodes already in constant 3. 5. "North Of The Border" is a take-off on "South Of The Border", a popular, on the In the scene where Tommy is carted up the hill to be punished, Tommy escapes 6. either cooked with or covered in maple syrup. Meanwhile, Air Force was part of the Army as the "Army Air Corps" in 1941; at the time, II".

Jonathan Babysits. menu is "maple, maple, maple, eggs and maple"; that is a hidden homage to love again, this time for a girl named Emma, and this time, something else 1. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/RugratsS5E4TheWordOfTheDayJonathanBabysitsCharlotte's assistant Jonathan looks after the babies, but when Charlotte tells him that she wants him to dig up dirt on the competition, the babies take that a little too literally.TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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