You run a tight ship champ.

I like to run a tight ship, so get ready to work! A person who runs a tight ship doesn't allow mistakes to be made. 2) I am not running a tight ship in the classroom. My email address is Sarmoti: Nice.

He runs a tight ship and he does a great job.The boss runs a very tight ship and everybody is expected to work very hard. Kate: Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is. Run a tight ship definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Paul works for a competitor, and it sounds like that company is much better than ours.Dave: They also have strict rules. Origin of Run a Tight Ship.

run a tight ship idiom meaning. This idiom originated around the mid-1900s. Example sentences with run a tight ship idiom. If so, you’re very fortunate.Wishing you a great day! When you get to college, I want you to know everything you have to in order to manage your home and life. Larry: Yep, that’s catnip. Please continue to use our nautical idioms in your speaking and writing.Please send me illustrations of any of our nautical idioms...or write a letter to a cadet that includes three or more nautical idioms.

to run a tight ship - Examples: 1) She runs a tight ship at work. It applies to life on land as well.

We choose our promotions carefully and ensure every advertising dollar pays for itself. 3) Is the company running a tight ship? (verb phrase) make someone very tired because you push them to do too many things Do you help your teacher keep the classroom ship shape? ... run a tight ship: to have strict and exacting standards in controlling or managing something ... 7 Idioms from American Football 7 Idioms from American Football. Definition of run a tight ship by the Dictionary of American Idioms. run a ˌtight ˈship. How about your bedroom? Gear will be stowed in an orderly manner and heads and showers will be kept in a sanitary condition. Run a Tight Ship Meaning. It feels like we're just running around in circles. Examples of Run a Tight Ship.

A ship that had tight ropes … What does run a tight ship mean? (Taut and tight mean the same thing. (to) run a tight ship. By using ThoughtCo, you accept ourEnglish Idioms and Expressions Using the Word 'All' run a tight ship Idiom(s): run a tight ship AND run a taut ship Theme: CONTROL to run a ship or an organization in an orderly and disciplined manner. Definition: Manage an organization in a strict, well-regulated way.

(verb phrase) to start a project or event quickly and efficiently There may be close quarters on the TS Kennedy, but the idiom “running a tight ship” does not refer to the available space.

Top run a tight ship synonyms (idioms related to save) are make ends meet, tighten your belt and draw in your horns. According to, this idiom began in the mid-1900s. Run definition is - to go faster than a walk; specifically : to go steadily by springing steps so that both feet leave the ground for an instant in each step. It could be a school, a classroom, a home, a business, or a sports team. run a tight ship. (verb phrase) waste time, not progress in what you want to do This expression, dating from the second half of the twentieth century, alludes to a vessel whose ropes are taut (tight) and seams well caulked, indicating that it is well managed. 4) Faced with a party of this sort, the Liberals too have to run a tight ship. Captain Jones is known for running a taut ship.Shaona was running a tight ship and didn't waste time on small talk.Andy is totally organized and totally confident. Idiom Meaning: to be strict and structured . Mother: This is a list of all your daily, weekly, and monthly chores.Daughter: This is too much! (verb phrase - idiomatic) go crazy, act without any sense

(idiomatic phrase) people who are calm are very wise Kenneth Beare is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and course developer with over three decades of teaching experience. What does run a tight ship expression mean? If you see one of our nautical idioms in a book, be sure to let me know. (verb phrase) to charge something, to make a bill How to use run a tight ship idiom? To direct a well-managed operation or strictly disciplined organization. Run a tight ship definition: to keep firm control of the way your business or organization is run , so that it is well... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples (verb phrase) be a characteristic that is common in one's family For example: “I know the accounting procedures may seem difficult, but I want to run a tight ship here.” Taut is correct nautical use.) (noun) a trial of something, a rehearsal of something before it happens

(verb phrase) have a temperature that is very high Our boss runs a tight ship and she expects everyone to work very hard.

However, all of their rules make sense and actually help improve morale and productivity.This excerpt is from an article about people buying homes in foreclosure.This excerpt is from an article about a basketball coach whose team has not performed well recently. Running “a tight ship” is considered a compliment.There is no doubt about it, Captain Campbell runs a very tight ship here on the Does your principal and teachers run a tight ship?