Kathi and Jeff Lenig are his parents. He has made no public statement trying to tell his side of the story, and has gone into hiding basically, which looks very guilty. Quentin's brother lived on the property next door. In October 2017, just one month later, his brother Chris commit suicide. The Alderpoint 8 confronted a man they believed to be the suspect and then forced him at gunpoint to take them to Rodriguez's body. Quentin Lenig was Garrett's boss on the property.

It doesnt suprize me that either of them ended up where they are. Eventually someone turns it in, but is not used as evidence and the case goes cold.Later the same weapon somehow ended up in the possession of Zach Harrison, who killed Bob Holtsclaw several years later.The Harrison Family As presented in the documentary, Zach Harrison was the man who ended up shooting Bob Holtsclaw (one of the alleged Alderpoint 8), and then going on the run for months before being captured. And Zach is found near Scott's body the next day but wasn't there when Scott was killed?Maybe locals trust he shot Scott by accident? It was my home town, I grew up there, crap I went to the Alice Jewett school before it got shutdown and turned into a Bmx track years later where my friends and I would go get drunk and ride around in the middle of the night using the headlights of our trucks to see lol.

Kangas, 22, of Tanana, shot and killed Alaska State Trooper Sgt. That's two of the Alderpoint 8 dead within days of each other.Scott was accompanied by "Redhead Dave" and "This guy" (Jubal Hall). Its the mentallity of that town to handle business on there own for the most part. Some speculate the man that he killed was related to Jubal Hall.The role of Meth Murder Mountain only mentions methamphetamine once (referring to the alleged and his security). He saids he met Decker in 2007 when he was visiting and then within a couple of weeks of coming up last year. Redhead Dave claims to have heard shots but did not see what happened.Scott's girlfriend puts out a reward for the weapon that killed Scott Johnson. Is this the same guy? Did Garret know Strachwitz before he moved to Humboldt?Dont got caught up in this story everybody, you will never get the whole truth. The guy who helped bury him is friends with John Reilly, Jr. Thursday, the small community of Alderpoint will be gathering together to mourn the shooting deaths of two of its members this last month. Like... how everyone is all facebook friends with each other. The murders had to do with firearm and meth trafficking. It was undetermined how she died.The father, James, was involved in a brutal dispute that ended up with him killing a man. The supposed statements made by the man that allegedly helped him bury Garret (which he later denied when confronted by the PI in the documentary) don't help his case either.However, it seems like the Harrison Family, Scott Johnson's mysterious death, Matt Brown witnessing Quentin being kidnapped, and other details make it seem like the story is more complicated.Also don't forget that almost every witness of Quentin's confession was killed, and then Scott Johnson, who was the only eye witness of Neil Decker being killed, was killed before Matt went to trial.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. Several of them admit it in their testimonies.I hope the community can continue to discuss this information and piece everything together. Joey Johnson (Richards), Scott Johnson's son lived in a trailer and grew marijuana, said Brown. He was blindfolded because the town is small and he didnt need to see to tell them that the body was buried on the ranch. I will try to find my old Casterlin or SFHS yearbooks and post some pictures of the peoples involved if anyones interested.So are you saying that Quentin didn't murder Garret?Not necessarily, I just think that the dynamics of the characters involved here is very convoluted and there are so many other possibilities.Quentin appears to be guilty due to being outnumbered by the testimonies of just about everybody in the documentary. Im just glad I got the fuck away when I did.

Nothing in the documentary implies that the timelines of the Thanksgiving incident and Matt Browns story overlap.Matt Brown also mentions that "Lion", the scruffy homeless looking guy in the documentary, was at Scott Johnson's house the night that Neil Decker was shot.It's also strange that when having Quentin take them to the grave of Garret Rodriguez, they would blindfold him. That's two of the Alderpoint 8 dead within days of each other. Matthew Brown was arrested for Decker’s death a few hours after Johnson was found. I find this very strange and there is definitely more going on here.A tangled web indeed, thank you for compiling that all togetherWait, the same rifle that killed Scott also killed Bob? Never would have given him a gun if it was me.I live in Humboldt and I know an alderpoint native named Chris Harris who killed himself in Oct 2017 and who's mom died when he was younger. I dont think the full story will ever come out tho. Never Liked them. He's the one wearing iridium sunglasses between his parents. "Did you shoot Neil Decker," said Mr. Elvine-Kreiss. Scott Johnson's Death The story about Scott Johnson's death is incredibly fishy. He doesn't seem to come into the picture until well after the "Thanksgiving night" incident.However, in Matt Brown's court case texts, he makes mention of "Quentin" (the alleged killer of Garret Rodriguez) and says he recalls actually seeing "Quentin" blindfolded with Neil and Bob. She recently changed her profile name to Kathi Lee.Dave Strachwitz from Ocean Beach, which is also Garret's hometown? I'm not going to go into depth anymore because I like how my life has been pretty mellow for the last 4 years.If he is the one in the aviators , that is the same person as Austin when Austin does interview in jail without bandana on his faceIt’s easy for him to say “the body is at jarret farm” while wearing a blindfold. And is everyone going to keep ignoring the fact Scott Johnson also invited Michael Bear Carson to his home, despite the fact he was clearly stylizing himself after known neo-Nazi Charles Manson? Both of them had always been problems.