Get your tinfoil hats ready! I’m gonna side with my friend who gives me good loot, has never accused me of anything, and while he is shady at least has a plan for what’s coming other than “we’ll face it with the light and win.”Not sure I would call run and hide a plan, brother/sisterHe doesn't have an Ascendant realm, he has secured a small pocket of it gifted by the Nine - and it's not a throne world, which is completely different. The Drifter is pessimistic about humanity's continued survival. He shows particular enthusiasm as the host of Gambit. share. Drifter hunted these Ghosts, being sure to stay away from the Shadow Creatures as much as possible. Drifter recounts of his original crew and how they searched for hundreds of years for something greater than Light . Drifter contributes to her mission by enhancing one of his Gambit Bank so it can store the dark power put out by the Pyramid. He explains that he was setting up a new version of Gambit, how regular Gambit has been a training ground for it, and he wants Joxer to test it. Drifter discovers the Motes of Dark. If the Drifter can take out Shin Malphur, that’s the grand entrance of the Shadows of Yor as a significant faction on earth. Equally, I doubt that Zavala knows that Shin, his ally (most of the time) is also Dredgen Vale. The Drifter, a Rogue Lightbearer. Also, I've been doing this for awhile now (outside of reddit), and people never read it all or do the work themselves which is why I provided all of the lore and told them to read it for themselves in the Introduction and that my notes were just a synopsis, but not the whole story. Despite that, the armor Drifter supplied worked perfectly. Unlike regular Gambit, Gambit Prime utilized counterfeit When the Young Wolf visited the Drifter again, their Ghost mentioned a vision from the Nine and Three weeks later, the Drifter confronted the Young Wolf about their continued visits with he Emissary in the The Young Wolf ignored the Drifter's demands and continued to seek information from the Emissary and the Nine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Saying he has "an Ascendant realm" is the equivalent of saying he owns the universe, when in reality he is renting a house within that universe.Aunor attempts to convince the Guardian of Drifter's deceitsThe Guardian sides with the Vanguard & works with AunorAunor meets Shin, hunts Renegades, and confronts DrifterNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castWe're discussing the lore of Bungie's game Destiny. He foresees a second Collapse occurring in the near future, and ultimately is interested only in surviving or escaping it.The Drifter serves as both the handler and vendor for Otherwise, he wouldn't have given out so many Malfeasances in order to take Malphur down. I enjoyed their banter, it's a criminal investigator working with a criminal on gray lines: can't wait to see what they do with Aunor next.This is a much easier way to understand the events of this seasonI mean, I didn’t bug anything. The Drifter sees Light and the Traveler with distrust. At various times, he has associated himself with the Shadows of Yor (who he grew disillusioned with and renounced), their "nemesis" Shin Malphur (who he planned to kill), the Spider (a frequent business partner), the Vanguard (which tacitly approves of his experiments with Darkness), and the Nine. It’s a double cross coming. The monoliths are just structures on the ice planet.Thanks for the info. Having lived through the age of Warlords, he has personally witnessed the worst that the Light can do, even when wielded by nominally heroic figures like the Iron Lords. The Drifter & Shin Malphur (2) The Drifter/Teben Grey/Shin Malphur (2) Shin Malphur/Callum Sol (2) Exclude Additional Tags Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot (27) Canon Compliant (13) Established Relationship (8) Identity Porn (8) Anal Sex (7) Enemies to Lovers (7) Kissing (6) Pining (6) Blow Jobs (6) Biting (5) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Aunor of the Praxic Order of Warlocks. The Drifter also shares a rivalry with Emperor Calus over the Guardians and their allegiance, despite sharing similar apocalyptic and nihilistic beliefs regarding the Darkness. I'm working on a seperate write-up about Drifter and Orin from the Dark Ages to Destiny's present moment. orin shindrift shindrifter Emissary emissary of the nine shin malphur The Drifter destiny 2 my art. As well as the discrepancy between how Aunor acts (The Salt Mines) and how Drifter portrays her, a totalitarian.Yeah, that's true.

Thank you for organizing these!Just caught a glance but one small nitpick, the monoliths Drifter & subset crew take shelter in aren’t the Light suppressing creatures. Likely, drifter is friends with Dredgen Vale to the ends that you have described, but has no idea that Vale is Shin Malphur and used the info that they had collected to hunt down Callum, for example. Meanwhile I’m slaying gods monsters armies dragons and at some point will probably blow up a planet or something.

Joxer brings up The test is successful to Drifter, even though three Guardians died permanently. 147 notes. Joxer refuses to work with him anymore out of disgust, but Drifter lets him keep his Invader armor. Drifter because my guardian has shit things more fearsome than shin malphur and I’d take his side. Reblog. Lord Shaxx, Overseer of the Crucible. The only side he's ever on is his own. After six more visits, they learned of the Drifter's true past with Orin and the Nine and of the warning given to him about the After you finish your first Reckoning Mote, the Drifter will give you two choices, side with him and be a part of his crew, or side with the Vanguard and work with the Warlock Aunor in trying to find something to incriminate the Drifter. He starved to death repeatedly during the Dark Age and would always be revived still hungry; this seems to have developed into a fixation with food, which has developed further into a complete willingness, even eagerness, to consume Fallen, Hive, and Cabal, and to drink Vex radiolarian fluid. I just couldn't fit it all.The fuck you mean I sided with Aunor? 3 Some time later Dredgen Yor visited Palamon. Has Dredgen Yor / Drifter been researching / gathering more Weapons of Sorrow?