He also got familiar with Austrian features, including girl guides - who are surprisingly hostile and hard. The character is an anthropomorphic funny animal parody version of Spider-Man, and was created by editor Larry Hama, Tom DeFalco and Mark Armstrong. He was rescued by the Spider-Men, who recruited him into their ranks.

Links and References. Unknown (The symbiote takes the name of its current host).As Venom, the Symbiote can grant its host an elongated jaw, fangs, claws, which are really part of its body.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The character first appeared in Marvel Age #6 on an ad in the back cover.

Doctor Octopussy Cat is a reoccuring enemy of Spider-Ham and one of the few characters depicted as a cat. It is possible that he is also Spider-Ham's #2 arch-enemy, next to The Green Gobbler. Please try again later. It is unclear whether Pork Grind is the symbiote itself or whether it is a host of the symbiote (if it is a host, it would would probably be a pig host). 4 Appearances of Pork Grind (Symbiote) (Earth-8311) Minor Appearances of Pork Grind (Symbiote) (Earth-8311) Pork Grind was a student of Toon U, where he learned how to fight cartoon style.After bonding with a klyntar, he was hired by Negative Forbush-Man to act as Spider-Ham's evil doppelganger. Similarities to Doctor Octopus Six arms emplacement Enemy Name/costume Powers Allies Appearances Doctor Octopussy cat is one of the most … Swiney Girl is the daughter of Spider-Ham, who apparently is a super-hero pig like her father. Ben Reilly Spider-Man Unlimited (Earth-TRN461) The Spider Current Reality is Unknown (Unknown Reality) Spider-Cat Current Reality is Unknown (Unknown Reality) Spider-Swine Current Reality … They tried to fight Pork Grind, but Pork Grind punched them, broke Cookies and spilled Milk, making puns after that.Spider-Ham took that time to recover and then he ate "toon spinach", which maximized his muscles. Weaknesses. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.You must be in good standing in the Amazon community to post.Your message will not be posted.

Spider-Ham tried to tell them that they should fight toon-style, but Pork Grind turned to Spider-Ham due to his meddling.Spider-Ham then opposed Pork Grind by grabbing the Austrian's nose and throwing until it looked like an elephant's trunk, all the while explaining that this was harmless toon stuff. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.Humanoid with wild boar head, including tusks and a snout with Spider-man's eyes instead of nostrils.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Spider-Guin Larval Earth . Swiney-Girl also parodizes Spider-Girl in the sense that … Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. After being teleported to Earth, Pork Grind was captured by the Sinister Six. Pork Grind was an Austrian villain in the Aniverse (where everyone is a talking animal). The Symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic attacks. Spider-Ham has an alternate version of himself in the future: Spider-Ham 15.88, although this version isn't seen as much as his present version. Alternate ... Pork Grind. . Doctor Octopus. The Symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic attacks. Because the Symbiote was previously attached to Peter Porker, it knows how to shield itself from Spider-Ham's spider-sense. The Symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic attacks. This page works best with JavaScript.

At a later point, Pork Grind was recruited by the extradimensional supervillain When Pork Grind reached the States, Spider-Ham was team-upping with Behaving like a toon, Grind strangled Cookies with a hand and send them far; he then battered Milk and grabbed her pseudo-hair, while making puns on their enemies (which were a pun themselves). Toy Shiz: Who in the HOLY HECK is Marvel Legends..Pork-Grind? .