Learn about working at Sports Venture Inc. Join LinkedIn today for free. We create an ecosystem for sports and esports innovation growth by leveraging our team’s core strengths: education, investment, network, and industry expertise. In 2016, the most valuable sports franchise was the Dallas Cowboys, valued at $4B. This same year (1980), Walter Day formed a record-keeping organization called Twin Galaxies focused solely on video game milestones. In total, Twitch reports over 15 million daily active viewers that spend 106 minutes daily watching live gaming.eSports athletes have started to gain international recognition and following comparable to professional athletes across other sports, with many listing millions of social media followers and bringing in six-figures in endorsement deals annually.Similar to traditional sports, technologies to analyze eSports performance, engage fans in the arena, and train these athletes more effectively have been created.Sports focused venture capital has attracted many celebrity investors, including professional athletes themselves. The documented success of players, such as Billy Mitchell in Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, did all but satiated gamers’ appetites. In the sports industry, the customer is easily identified, extremely loyal, andOne of the most significant revolutions in the sports industry is the rapid growth of eSports, or professional gaming, which is expected to reach two-and-a-half billion dollars in revenue in the next two years.Viewership, consumption, and event attendance have continued to rise at unprecedented rates.eSports streaming site Twitch has seen tremendous viewership as fans continue to seek an ever growing amount of gaming content. Investments in the sports tech ecosystem by venture capital is booming. However, eSports has its own unique risks that players, teams, franchise owners, investors, etc. As mentioned, investors have taken their time to jump on the eSports rush, but it’s all hands on deck now. Thus, teams and leagues need to continually innovate and embrace new technologies to create a more engaging live experience for their fans.Sports is a global industry and quickly becoming one of the most intriguing markets for venture investing. And in 1991, Super NES (SNES) catapulted gaming forward even more.From there, multiplayer action and Quake (ID software’s first-person shooter) saw daylight as the internet offered massive muscle to the industry of eSports. In 2019, Paris hosted the League of Legends world finals in an arena that could only hold half of the 4M viewers wanting to watch. Naturally, we can thank Twitch for much of that revelation, as outlined by the numbers below.By 2009, over 160 eSports competitions were held, and 2010 gave birth to the Gaming Sports Leagues. From wearable devices, to gaming, fan engagement technology, smart arenas, and fantasy sports leagues; sports tech is changing the ways that people compete, consume and engage with sports. For the major networks, dollars allocated exclusively to sports programming have tripled. Sports are a unifying force and an increasingly attractive market for investors. Let’s not forget about income from prize pools, either—which is frequently in the millions of dollars nowadays.Whether it’s an international championship or a high school competition, third-party event coordinators play a vital role in eSports. Some teams generate league revenue share when they own a franchise in a league.

His accomplishments also served as solid proof for gamers worldwide that eSports wasn’t merely a “waste of time.” Plenty of news stations covered the Red Annihilation competition. Sports fans are some of the most passionate consumers in any industry, and spend long hours and significant dollars following their favorite teams and athletes.

New innovations are changing everything from how athletes train to how sport content is consumed, viewed, and analyzed. In 2015 alone, investors put over $1B into sports related startups and this pace of investment is accelerating.Technology in sports is dramatically changing how athletes train for competition, how fans view sporting events and the way that fans engage with their favorite teams and players.Sports is far more than a niche leisure activity. We help our clients facilitate M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital transactions via our sell-side, buy-side, and capital … Naturally, ticket and merchandise sales, as well as media rights, all generate revenue for third-party event coordinators. Organizations such as Guinness Book of World Records, ESPN, and Rolling Stone Magazine have all taken note of the trendsetting market. Capital Sports Ventures seeks to invest in sports and lifestyle events and properties. From both an investor and investees perspective, eSports are both wildly rewarding and risky at the same time. In January 2018, 962,000 was the average viewership on Twitch, meaning that nearly a million people were viewing content on the service at any given time putting them on par with major broadcast outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and ESPN. Even though sports tech is still relatively small compared to … As the prize money grew, and the internet connected the world, the eSport industry only benefited. As a result, technology that allows fans to more easily engage with the teams and athletes they love comes with an automatic user base and high retention rates. Here’s a look at the money flow in this unique market and how venture capital (VC) is helping to shape the competitive gaming industry across the globe. Over 2,000 online competitors faced off, allowing for only 16 players to battle one-on-one at the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the World Congress Center. The $1T sports industry is comprised of 5B sports fans. Here’s a look at the money flow in this unique market and how venture capital (VC) is helping to shape the competitive gaming industry across the globe.Rewind to the early 1970s, when Spacewar was the “it” game and winning a Rolling Stone magazine subscription was dope.