Em            G

Tablatures and chords are parodies/interpretations of the original songs. G              D Em         C

-2x chorus-

Hi ppl. Em          G chords for the best sum 41 song "still waiting".

Play still waiting tabs using our free guide. 2x Em C G D Em          D Em         G We just need some motivation

E Am G/B And I'm still wait-ing. there weren't any chords for this song so i'm being kind and giving you the

Hi ppl. Tell me:                         so Em          D G                   D Out of step for what we believe in EmSo am ICstill waiting GFor this world Bmto stop hating EmCan't find aCgood reason GCan't find hope Dto believe inD Post Chorus: Em--C--Em--C-Bm x2

Em           C                   } chorus Drop dead a bullet to my head -chorus- [Verse 1] Em Drop dead C A bullet to my head G B Your words are like a gun in hand Em C You can't change the state of the nation G B We just need some motivation Em These eyes C …

Em              G there weren't any chords for this song so i'm being kind and giving you the chords for the best sum 41 song "still waiting". It's not hard to see through the thickness
Em      G    D Em C G D If this is worthless You can't change the state of the nation Can't find hope to believe in Em             G Em           G

We're the first ones to jump in line

Can't find a good reason Em        C        G        D

Em            G

I'd say its up, to me Em     G  D Em They are for personal use only. And no one knows 2x Em C G D Your words are like a gun in hand
How far will we take this Em           D So tell me what would you say I don't know what to feel

Em C This can't last forever Learn Singing, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion at I'd say its up, to me Time won't make things better I feel so alone Em             D Ignorance and Understanding Can't help myself So tell me what would you say For this world to stop hating Em           G

Em         G Just lies and more contradiction Since I have seen no conviction Tuning: Standard E -chorus-

To start the pleading

Em   C     G           D

Interlude: C Am, C I'm waiting, Am F C Ooh, still waiting. But whos left? G                 D

G               D Em        C Em    G    D Em Em               G