However, rather than aiming for pure shock value, many of the developments were foreshadowed very subtly - which also makes rewatching the show a joy.

The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae Ha, want discretionary power over investigations. Really,, If you guys like to watch a crime drama with a heavy plot, I recommend this drama! Kim Hee Sun, Go Ara and Im Soo Hyang are up to challenge new heroines in their respective Korean dramas.

VO – I will just kill you, how do you want me to kill you? She plays Han Yeo-Jin, a courageous and principled policewoman who, despite her kind heart, is certainly no pushover. Choi Yeon Na will be brought to life by charming actress Seo Eun Soo.The highly anticipated 7th episode of I-Land kicked off with a visit from BTS, who came to spread some...Dreamcatcher impresses with aesthetically beautiful teasers for the new album’s title track “BOCA”. The investigators, including first-class examiner Woo Tae Ha, need optional control over examinations. It was definitely a thrilling ride from start to finish. It's simply a brilliant cat & mouse chase drama where both the good and the bad guys are clever. While initially put off by Shi-Mok's cold attitude, she soon figures out he is one of few morally upright people she can trust. With what does Stranger fill the gap? Her passion, Dedication and quick decision-making ability he stands apart from others.
Great direction also.He's been taking on minor roles that perhaps many, myself included, have not even noticed/recognised him e.g.

Drama: Stranger (English title) / Secret Forest (literal title) Revised romanization: Bimilui Soop Hangul: 비밀의 숲 Director: Ahn Gil-Ho Writer: Lee Soo-Yeon Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Release Date: June 10 - July 30, 2017 Runtime: Sat.

Best wishes to Mr Lee Kyu-hyungThat blue tools called "fingertips".

Keep in mind that this is crime drama if you want to watch this.

:) I love it soo much.

Lol.All element are good. Especially amazing where the performances of Yoo Jae-Myung, Lee Kyu-Hyung, and Bae Doo-Na. I'm really upset by this.Wow, I cant believe that writer-nim killed Young Geomsa, even though I had predicted that, but still i'm really gutted that writer-nim killed her, and honestly, i'm really not a fan of drama with 'a snake in the grass' plot,

This high political drama .. a sort Korean "House of Cards" meets Game of Thrones. Strangers from Hell cast: I'm Shi Wan, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Strangers from Hell Release Date: 31 August 2019. He meets Oh Ye Ji by fate and falls in love at first sight. Other name: 비밀의 숲 시즌2 Bimil Uisup 2 Bimilui Soop 2 Bimilui Soop Season 2 Forest of Secrets Season 2 Forest of Secrets 2 Forest of Secrets S2 Secret of Forest Season 2 Secret of Forest S2 Secret of Forest 2 Stranger Season 2 Stranger S2 Description: The prosecutor's office and the police find themselves on opposing sides.

The role to be portrayed by esteemed veteran actor Heo Joon Ho (Kingdom 1&2, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Come and Hug Me). Stranger 2 Detail. His grief was too subtle, actually it was guilt.And I just sit in the sofa, snacks in my lap, n watching it in a such cozy room... The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae Ha, want discretionary power over investigations. He's 34, still young, and has proven his professionalism by taking all his roles seriously, no matter how minor.